Hero and Legend Nightmare Hunts are new activites that are available in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. They're challenging versions of existing Nightmares, and open up a new set of challenges for players. The existing Nightmare Hunt difficulty caps out at Power Level 860. In contrast, the Hero and Legend Nightmare Hunts opens this up to 900. Officially, the Hero Nightmare Hunts have opened today (8 October).

Before diving into any Nightmare Hunt, you'll need to be in a Fire Team, with Master difficulties opening up in a few days time on the 15th. As it stands, we'd recommend 920 Power Level for Hero and 950 for Legend. 

If you want to play any of this new content, you'll have to own Shadowkeep and have completed its main campaign. Once you have, the map will begin to release Nightmare Hunts at adept difficulty once you're Power Level 900. 

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Last Updated: Oct 08, 2019

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