In Destiny 2, you're looting gear like crazy, getting mods, shaders, tokens, and what not....there is a lot to store and a lot to figure out. For beginners the character building process can be frustrating with such an information overload, but we're here to help!

Until you hit 950 you don't need to worry much about your build except that you want more powerful gear. That's intuitive (I hope), so start there and make your way towards 950. When you get there, or close, move on to...


The stats on your gear are all RNG (randomly created), but the general rule of thumb is that the harder the difficulty level of the content that you are attempting, the better the chance to get higher rolls. Any items you receive with stat rolls in the 40s or low 50s can for the most part be dismantled, assuming it isn't the highest level piece of gear that you have in that slot. 

The number of stats on a piece of gear is important, but more important is that those stats are ones that make your build better. If Intellect is important for your build and you get an item with 60 stats, but only 1 of them is Intellect then it probably doesn't help you. 

Stats also have Tiers.Tiers are simply the total number of a Stat that you have, divided by 10.  If you have 50 Strength then you are Tier 5 in Strength.  If you have 51 or 59 Strength then you are still Tier 5 in Strength. You may receive gear that has less total Stats, but has them in all the right places to push up multiple Tiers.  Any Stats that are mid-Tier are valueless. 

There are multiple Stats that you need to manage:

  • Resilience
  • Mobility
  • Recovery
  • Discipline
  • Strength
  • Intellect

What Stats Do You Need?

Discipline, Strength, Recovery and Intellect are the Stats that have the most affect on your gameplay.  They affect how the game "feels" to play.  You feel more powerful with higher Stats numbers in these attributes. 

The Stats that you need will depend on what Class, Subclass and Subclass branch that you choose. Confusing for new players?  Yes, yes and yes. 

The easy road to creating a build is first looking at what Exotics (yellow gear and weapons) that you have procured so far. Exotics tend to be most beneficial to one Subclass.   By mousing over an Exotic you can see the bonuses that they give you and then... just find which Subclass they help the most.   Step one under your belt... well done!

Now go practice the "plan" that you have for your exotic and your build.   Datto gives a great example of a StormCaller (Warlock) build in the video below. 

What about the Elemental Affinity?

Your armor piece will one of the following icons on it, Arc, Solar or Void.   This determines which weapon perks (I know... more confusing stuff) can be utilized.  Basically the Elemental Affinity is the constraint on which mod types you can use.   

Arc allows for Bow, Machine Gun, Sword, Pulse Rifle and Shotgun.  

Solar allows for Auto Rifle, Linear Fusion Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Sub-Machinegun.

Void allows for Scout Rifle, Grenade Launcher,  Hand Cannon, Sniper Rifle and Side Arm. 


Completely Confused... Help!

1. Find something you like to do... like throw grenades or use your Super.

2. Build out armor and weapons that have perks and abilities that boost what you like to do. 

3. Do some research into items that will boost the "Thing" that you like to do.   

4. Go farm those items. 

5. Love life!  You are now a powerful Guardian who is doing what you love to do. 

Do yourself a favour and watch this video. It's incredibly well done. Thank you Datto. If you have questions, they are probably answered in this video. 


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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2019

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