In the latest update, there's a new Exotic Machine Gun called Xenophage. It's a monster, and well worth getting. The quest is complicated, and lengthy, and thanks to Dawnstor and KhackisHD, here's how to. 

1. You don't need to complete the Pit of Heresay dungon to start this quest. To start it, you need to go to the area Eris Morn takes you to, every time you hand in a memory fragment (this is the balcony where Eris looks out over the Pyramid during the Shadowkeep Campaign). 

2. Interact with the sides statues in this room. Have all of them glow at the same time. A new chest will spawn.

3. Opening the chest provides you with an Exotic Quest, The Journey: Emergence. 

4. Head to the Anchor of Light location on the Moon, and there's a small building (platform above it). Head inside, and there's an interactable object. Pick it up. Once you have, you need to use this on metal firepits/bowls on the ground nearby. Bowl Order.

5. Head to the new objective marker on your screen and interact with the new object. Your Quest step will update, requiring you to find 4 fragments.  

6. These locations are all Lost Sectors, and require you to find the Fragment within each. These Fragments are hidden behind a puzzle and require you to clear the Lost Sector, and go through the secret door that then opens (this is typically your exit back).

7. The Hive puzzle requires you to match the symbol above the tokens, and they can be changed by you shooting one at a time. You can try trial and error, or thanks to KhackisHD, here's the correct order.

  • Anchor of Light (K1 Communication): Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Middle, Top Middle. 
  • Sorrow's Harbor: Middle Left, Middle, Middle, Middle Left, Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Bottom Middle, Middle, Right Middle.
  • Hellmouth: Top Right, Middle Left, Middle, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Middle.
  • Archer's Line: Top Left, Middle, Bottom Left, Middle Right. 

8. When your Quest step updates, head to Harbour's Sorrow and the dungeon's entrance. Complete the first encounter. Inside one of the large towers, and a huge room there are 3 hanging hive runes. You need to go to the Towers which have one of these runes. To open the locked door for this area, kill the Yellow Knight within (Might of the Broken Blade, you'll need a sword from a Sword Bearer), (Omen of the Broken Blade you'll need the heavy attack from the sword), (Shreiker, you'll need to guard with your sword by holding C).

9. Killing all three bosses results in a large shaft of light erupting from the top of one of the towers outside. Clear the enemies in this location and head through the door.

10. In front of all the doors (hundreds) there's one (top left) without a Hive rune. You need to make your way to this by jumping to it (from door to door), but you cannot stay on a platform for long or you'll be killed. Inside the room is the next Quest step. 

11. Progress through the dungeon to the next big encounter, with the Hive Ogres (which are invincible). In this area, the tunnel system is split into three, with Knights in each cave. Kill them, take the Orb from each, and use it on each doorway. This opens up the location to the main room. Opening the doors will have removed the invincible Ogres. 

12. Head to the far left side of the tunnel system, where you look out over a large ribcage, and interact with the Hive writing. Hop over the new platforms and grab the Orb of Light. Head to the locked doors at the opposite side of the dungeon, and interact with the only bowel that's available

13. Inside is a small room, and in the four corners there's a different element associated with a different rune. Inside the main room (where the boss is) is a rune in the center of the arena, as well as rune holders at the top and bottom level (two for each). The rune holders within the boss room aren't colour coded, but they are marked with a rune, which relates to the element from the first room. For example, the first room has a fire element, and above it a symbol that's a bit like an X symbol. You'll need to grab the fire element/rune from the centre of the boss room, and run it to that location within the same room. 

14. Dunking the rune in the correct location provides a buff, based on Kinetic/Solar/Void/Arc damage. Only with one of these buffs (based on where you've dunked it) can you then damage the boss. Kill it and head back to Eris Morn for your prize.

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2019

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