Make no mistake about it, public events in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep are some of the most fun that you can have.  They are quick and give you a break from the rest of the grind. Working together with other players to smash the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep loot pinata is a blast.  

Public Events start as normal level events, but you can trigger each of them to become Heroic events which deliver better loot.  Heroic level events aren't really much more difficult than the original versions, but.... they can be difficult to start.  

With that in mind, here is how you trigger the Heroic version of every Public Event in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. 

Arsenal Walker 

The Fallen will drop a Walker in your lap. You have had plenty of practice killing walkers at this point and know that shooting their legs makes them fall down.   In this particular instance however it also causes the walker to drop 3 orbs.    Put those orbs in the generators (you can't miss them, they produce a bubble shield).   When you have placed 6 orbs in 6 different generators a second walker will drop.  Welcome to the Heroic Version of Arsenal Walker Public Event.  Now you can kill both walkers and complete the Heroic event. 

Cabal Excavation

The Cabal are coming en masse. 

To trigger the Heroic event you need to kill the Cabal Ship that is flying overhead when the timer hits 50%.  Once triggered a Cabal Boss will drop into the event and you need to kill him. 

Ether Resupply

A giant Servitor is attempting to get resupplied. 

To trigger the Heroic version of this public event simply kill the small Servitors before you kill the giant one. They will despawn if you don't kill them quickly enough. The Heroic version simply warps in tougher enemies to fight. This can be a challenging event if you are solo. 

Glimmer Extraction

The bad guys are trying to drill for Glimmer.  To trigger the Heroic version of this public event you must destroy the generator (it will have a blue glow or a blue beam emanating from it) before you kill the wave of enemies. Each wave of enemies has a generator and you must kill the generator first each time.  Once triggered a huge pile of Glimmer will spawn. You must defend it, getting the timer to 100%. 

Injection Rig

It's you against the Scions. As you fight inside the dome, vents will open that spew out flames that damage you.  

To trigger the Heroic version of this event you need to fire at the vents near the top of the Rig until they close.  Keep doing this as Scions appear. After three waves of Scions the Heroic version will begin.  

A Cabal Boss will drop in the area. Kill him to complete the event. 

Spire Integration

Vex are attempting to integrate with a central conflux.  

To trigger the Heroic version fo this event you need to stand in the three circles on the battlefield until they reach 100%.   Once triggered the swarms of Vex attempting to integrate change from regular to Elite versions.  Kill them all to complete the event. 


The Taken are invading. 

Each ball of Blight will have  a dome around it. Enter the dome and shoot the ball of blight.   You may need to move in and out of the dome to reactive the buff that allows you damage the ball of Blight. Killing the ball activates the Heroic version. 

A Boss will drop in the area.  Kill him to complete the event. 


A Warsat will crash down in your vicinity and you are tasked with protecting it. The Warsat will have a white circle that surrounds it.  Standing within the circle will increase the timer. When the timer hits 100 you have completed the mission. Waves of enemies will need to be defeated.  

To trigger the Heroic event you need to kill two sets of Wizards. They will be elite mobs with yellow health bars. When the wizards are dead an Ogre will spawn. Kill the Ogre and you will complete the Heroic version of this event.   


Hive Witches are attempting to create a rift.  Your job is to stop them. Standing in the green circles on the ground will remove the shield of the respective witch. You can now kill her. Waves of enemies will attempt to overrun you while you do this.  

To trigger the Heroic event simply stand in the green circles and destroy the crystals near the witches BEFORE you kill the witches.  A Hive Boss will appear. Kill the witches and the Hive Boss to complete the event. 

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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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