Vostok is a new Control map in Destiny 2 and a familiar location for many players; the location takes place directly next to the Iron Temple, a social space from Rise of Iron. In Destiny 2, the PvP map is situtated Felwinter Peak and sees players fight over competing towers and a network of caves. With three control points and a particularly large layout, Vostok is undoubtedly the largest map seen so far and provides a variety of combat encounters (snipers look likely to excel here, alongside close-quarter weapons for the variety of buildings). 

With IGN having provided a hands-on look at Vostok, we've pulled together some tips and tricks that might help you.*

Tips And Tricks

1. Like any Control map, it's often best not to run through the most common routes. You'll be easily spotted and killed. 

2. Snipers and close-quarter weapons excel in Vostok due to its wide open spaces and tight buildings. 

3. If you've a long ranged weapon (sniper rifle or pulse) you should be aiming to head straight into one of the tallest buildings in order to lay down covering fire. 

4. As is customary, when attempting to take a Control point, try not to do it by yourself. It's much safer to do it in pairs, as you can gaurentee that when you do attempt to contest, they'll be defended. 

5. Vostok's cave system allows for travel between Control points without having to face the barrage of ranged fire. Use them to reposition. 

6. Be careful when skirting around the edges of Vostok - you can be knocked off the edge (or fall if you're clumsy enough!). 

*Please note this guide will be heavily updated when Destiny 2 goes live. 

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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017

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