Destiny 2 has three character classes and similarly to the original, they all play in a unique way. Deciding which class to play can be difficult, as they each have their own strengths, weaknesses and playstyles.


Despite their unique names, each class in Destiny is somewhat of a traditional archetype. While they all wield ranged weapons, their kits offer different utility. The three base classes are the following:

  • Hunter
  • Titan
  • Warlock

Each class has specific upgrades, special abilities, and Forsaken variants of each. These sub-classes are designed to further differentiate the pool by providing a unique set of abilities. Depending on which sub-class you pick largely determines your eventual role. The sub-classes are the following:

  • Hunter
    • Arcstrider (Arc)
    • Gunslinger (Solar)
    • Night Stalker (Void)
  • Titan
    • Striker (Arc)
    • Sentinel (Void)
    • Sunbreaker (Solar)
  • Warlock
    • Dawnblade (Solar)
    • Stormcaller (Arc)
    • Voidwalker (Void)

Sub-classes (as you’ll note in brackets above), are aligned to three elements: Arc, Solar and Void. Each sub-class gains access to a unique super ability, melee attack, grenade, and buffs.


This medium armor class is designed to be your typical assassin, with a focus on agility and mobility. The three sub-classes, as noted above, are The Solar-based "Gunslinger" which provides a throwing knife attack, and the "Golden Gun" super. The "Arc-strider" has a focus on close quarter combat, providing an extended-range "Blink Strike", and an "Arc Blade" super. Its third sub-class is the Nightstalker, allowing the Hunter to wield a bow and tether enemies to a single location. In terms of mobility, Hunters have access to a true “super jump”. Where its Forsaken subclass variant is concerned, these build on the above, but tweak each super. The "Forsaken Gunslinger" obtains Blade Barrage (hurling daggers), "Forsaken Arcstrider" gains Whirlwind Guard (to deflect incoming attacks) and "Forsaken Nightstalker" can turn invisible, to stab enemies in the back with Spectral Blades. The Hunter, by far, is the most popular class. 


Your typical “tank”, the Titan is designed as a front-line class capable of withstanding large amounts of damage to allow close quarters combat. As in Destiny, Titans will continue to have access to the Arc-based "Striker" sub-class and its "Fists of Havoc" super. The second sub-class for Titan is the Void-based "Sentinel". The Sentinel super allows the player to summon a shield that can block enemy fire and be used offensively. Finally, Titans gain a third sub-class called Sunbreaker allowing them to summon a flaming hammer to smite foes down. Where its Forsaken variants are concerned, "Forsaken Striker" has access to Thundercrash, which allows the Titan to dunk an electrified orb, "Forsaken Sentinel" has Banner Shield which blocks enemy projectiles, and lastly, the "Forsaken Sunbreaker" gains a two handed hammer called Burning Maul. 


The equivalent of a mage, this lightly armored class is primarily focused on dealing massive damage from afar. In addition to this, they lean towards recovery, and melee attacks that reduce ability cooldowns. The "Voidwalker" sub-class has access to "Nova Bomb", a powerful sphere of Void energy. Its second sub-class is the Solar-based "Dawnblade", with a super called "Daybreak". This super allows the player to make Solar Light blades to strike enemies from mid-air. Finally, its third sub-class known as Stormcaller controls lightning for close range damage. For mobility, Warlocks can stay airborne for longer than other classes and have access to a Blink. Finally, its Forsaken variants there's "Forsaken Voidwalker" which allows you to gain Nova Warp - effectively a teleport that lets you explode. "Forsaken Stormcaller" lets you channel a beam of lightning (Chaos Reach), while "Forsaken Dawnblade" grants Well of Radiance, a large AOE field that heals and boosts damage. 

Unique Abilities

Each class in Destiny 2 gains a unique ability. This abilities are locked behind the class and are designed to further differentiate kits. Although none of these abilities are make-or-break in terms of value, they do further improve the base role each class has.

  • Hunters gain access to Dodge, allowing them to move quickly in order to avoid incoming damage. Successful use of Dodge reduces the cooldown on their melee.
  • Warlocks gain access to Rift, which when placed allows them to bolster themselves the healing and damage output of allies.
  • Titans gain access to Barrier, allowing them to create a barrier in any location of their choosing. The Barrier can also be customized to provide greater utility (such as offering total protection).

Which Class Should I Play?

From a personal perspective, the appearence of a class I choose to play in an MMO is incredibly important, and it's fair to say that all three in Destiny 2 look distinctly different. Titan's, as you might expect, are heavily armored and are typically covered head to toe in bulky equipment, with the exception of a small banner that drapes from their belt. In contrast, Warlocks traditionally have trenchcoats, while Hunters have capes. In terms of silouhette, the Warlock and Hunter are the most similar but you tend to find Hunters are particularly popular purely because they wear hoods. 

Aesthetics aside, all three classes play and move very differently. Hunters, as noted above, are particularly agile, and their ability to leap and dodge makes them an engaging and exciting class to play. In contrast, Warlocks are more static and siege from afar for massive damage. You then have Titan, which does have some mobility, but remains focused on brute-force through close-quarter engagements.  

When it comes to team compositions, Titan's will always be in high demand due to their defensive nature, though they excel in a group environment, while the Hunter can do well in solo play; the Warlock straddles both these areas. In Player versus Player, all three classes do well and it purely boils down to your team composition and personal ability. Where raiding is concerned, both the Stormcaller, Nightstalker and Sentinel are in high demand right now.

Overall you can't really make a wrong choice in Destiny 2 simply because all classes (and sub-classes) are a great deal of fun. With the Beta open for many months yet, you've plenty of time to not only test all three, but dive into the available sub-classes before launch. If you're still struggling to decide, here's the easiest solution:

  • Hunter: Assassin / Wears cloaks / Medium style armor
  • Titan: Tank / Wears a cape on his waist / Heavy style armor
  • Warlock: Mage / Wears trenchcoats / Light style armor

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Last Updated: Oct 02, 2019

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