This page will always show the latest DOTA Underlords Alliances Tier List for competitive play, and is designed to rank Alliances in terms of their strength in the current meta. Although some are considered niche or balanced, those that aren't higher tiers shouldn't be considered poor. While any match can be won with any Alliance composition, this list is designed to present you with the strongest to weakest. You can view our Underlords Unit Tier List here.

Updated: 10 August 2019

Tier List Descriptions

Tier S+ - Greatly Overpowered. These Alliances are undeniably too strong and can be placed in any composition and succeed.

Tier S - Overpowered. Alliances which are often first pick material and are considered top tier. 

Tier A - Balanced. These Alliances should see few if any changes and are considered balanced.  

Tier B - Slightly Underpowered. These Alliances require a niche composition, or a highly skilled player to maximize their potential. 

Tier C - Underpowered. Considered weak, team compositions generally need to be built around Alliances in this pool. 

Tier D Greatly Underpowered. These Alliances are a liability and should be avoided. 

Tier List Movement ⬆⬇

⬆ Moved Primordial to S+ Tier. Massively overbuffed, it effectively makes Hunters useless. For now, we're keeping Hunters where they are, purely because of the fact that Valve are already due to nerf Primordial. 

⬆ Moved Scrapp to C Tier. Way better after the buff, especially considering 

S+ Tier



S Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

D Tier 

S+ Tier
Primordial: An Alliance pool made up of some good units (Arc Warden and Enigma) that received a massive buff in the latest update. 
S Tier
Knight: Undoubtedly one of the strongest Alliances, Knight allows you to mitigate physical and magic damage. Owning just two grants 25% reduction, and owning 4 a 35% reduction. Considering the strength of Chaos Knight, Abaddon and Luna, it's super easy to obtain the base bonus. 

Hunter: A mixed Alliance with some excellent units, Hunter is only let down by the fact you need 3 units for the first bonus. That said, if you can hold them up in the corner surrounded by Warriors, they're terrifying late game. 

Troll: Not every Troll unit is amazing, but some - such as Batrider - when combined with Knights and Warlock Alliances - are amazing. Right now, top-tier due to that setup.

Warrior: Kunkka, Tiny and Doom are all brilliant, but until you have these 3, the Warrior pool can really struggle versus ranged compositions. That said, they'll carry you all the way to end-game without any issues. 

Warlock: After their rework and with the right items, Warlock's are ridiculously strong. Capable of surviving long periods, and sustaining their team, they are a headache to shut down if protected.

A Tier

Assassin: For their ability to snowball early, and the fact you only need 3 for the first valuable bonus, Assassin is undoubtedly strong. While the composition falls flat late-game, it will carry you all the way there. Add this to powerful units such as Templar Assassin and Bounty Hunter, and you'll find early encounters particularly easy.

Druid: While neither Enchantress or Nature's Prophet are considered powerful units, Druid as an Alliance is. Allowing you to quickly snowball with upgraded units, having multiple 2 and 3 star very early on, isn't outside the realms of possibility. Druid units also act as a sponge, for Assassin based compositions. 

Human: The ability to silence enemies on attacking is significant, and while the starting bonus % might be low (20% chance) it's easy to reach the 44% chance by grabbing 4. Kunkka, Keeper of the Light, Lycan and Lina are all solid drafts, while we suspect Crystal Maiden will continue to rise in popularity. 

Mage: Despite my love of Crystal Maiden's passive, and their liklihood of further nerfs, they're strong. Lich is amazing, and most - if protected - deal eye watering damage. Hurt at the moment due to anti-magic items, and Knights. 

Scaled: Easily capped and obtained, Scaled offers massive mitigation against magic. If you also consider Tide Hunter, Medusa and Slark are part of this pool, it's not surprising to see it as a popular Alliance. Great bonuses, great units.

B Tier

Brawny: With only 4 units in the Brawny Alliance pool, it's not always easy to reach the cap on its bonuses. However, it's fairly easy to pickup Axe and Juggernaut early game. Brawny would be higher, if it weren't for the fact both these units fall off mid to late game. The health pool bonus alone isn't quite good enough. 

Deadeye: There's no mistaking that Sniper and Gyrocopter are brilliant units, but with both needed for the Deadeye bonus, you won't be getting it any time in a hurry. It's a shame, because having them focus low health units is brilliant. 

Demon: Demon's are strong in Underlords, with units such as Doom, Queen of Pain and Chaos Knight topping tier lists. The fact you gain a +50% true damage bonus, and if they're upgraded, can see them deal good damage.

Dragon: Dragon Knight, Puck and Viper are were weak units, but after their recent buffs, Dragon Alliance is worth it for Dragon Knight alone. Super powerful late game, well worth pairing with Knights. 

Elusive: Providing Elusive units with 20% Evasion, it's a huge amount of mitigation. For units such as Luna, Mirana and Windranger, it ensures they can survive for far longer periods, while still dealing damage. The only downside is the fact much of this potency is mitigated by Knights/Warlocks, leaving them weaker than they should be. 

Heartless: It's easy to obtain the Heartless bonus (-5 armor) by having just two units, with Pudge and Drow Ranger the most common. Reaching the second tier, however, is a challenge. Lich and Necrophos tend to be mid-late game units, which aren't common to grab.

Savage: While Savage units aren't incredible (with the exception of Lycan and Lone Druid), having just two of them grants allies 10% attack damage. Having four leaps quickly to 25%. Two is an easy reach early game, and can make a significant difference during those first encounters. 

C Tier

Demon Hunter: Terror Blade is good, but Anti-Mage is garbage, and drafting for this Alliance, just in case your enemy has a Demon, is - as far as I'm concerned - a huge waste. 

Inventor: The HP regeneration is brilliant early game, and needing only two will see you reach the bonus quickly. That said, its value is incredibly small mid game, and you'll quickly find that it's fairly useless.
Shaman: Turning opponents into a Frog for 6 seconds is huge, but you need to draft Arc Warden and Disruptor for it (Shadow Shaman is poor). It'll make your composition fairly niche. 

D Tier

Blood Bound: Ogre-magi is weak, Warlock not much better, and the Alliance bonus requires your unit to die, in order to gain the buff. Considering Blood Bound only affects these two units, makes it incredibly limited.

Scrappy: The bonus healing over time and armor is fine if combined with Inventor, but it's given out randomly so you've absolutely no control over who gets it, when it's needed.

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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2019

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