It can be difficult to know what's effective in Dota Underlords when it comes to managing your gold, the units you buy, and when. In this simple guide, we give you an effective route through early and late game, that should see you handle any encounter effectively. 

Rounds 1-4

  • Balance getting 2* units and Alliances.

  • Don't worry too much about saving your gold here. Pursue those 2*'s!

Round 5

  • Spend 5 gold here to level up, and put out additional units.

Round 6-7

  • Keep things flexible in terms of Alliances and don’t worry about too much interest. If you need to spend to secure an upgraded unit or Alliance bonus, do so.

Round 8

  • Most players tend to pursue 10 Gold when entering into Round 8. This is primarly because it allows you to spend 5 gold to level up in the next round, while still retaining enough for interest gain.

Round 9

  • Spend 5 gold to level up.

Round 10-12

  • Most players begin to comit to a specific composition here, even if it requires multiple rolls, to ensure Alliance bonuses and unit upgrades.

Round 13

  • This is probably the round where you need to decide on whether to spend a large amount of your Gold on buying another level. You'll have enough to do so, but you'll only want to if you've a good unit to put into play. If you don't it's best to save your Gold or re-roll a few times for upgrades.

Round 14-16

  • Wolves enter the neutral round at 15, and are challengint o kill. 

  • Spend time here evaluating what others are building.

  • Aim for 40 gold and sell "dead" units if upgrades, or pairs, don't feel likely without spending vast sums on rerolling. 

Round 17

  • Level again if you didn't in round 13. 

Round 18+

  • Use your gold stack to pursue upgrades (re-rolls) and levels. The aim, ideally, is to get to 10 units before your opponent but only if you can drop strong units in. Most level 1's you put in, unless a 5 cost unit (such as Tide Hunter) 

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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2019

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