In Dota Underlords, players have the ability to combine and upgrade units in order to increase their power. Combining units instantly increases their power, and in turn, their attributes as well as potency of their primary ability. Combining units isn't cheap, but ensuring the majority of your units are at least 2 stars by mid to late game is important.

Combining Units

As it stands, combining units to increase their power costs the following:

  • Two Stars: 3 of the same unit.
  • Three Stars: 9 of the same unit.

In the image above, to upgrade Bloodseeker to 3 star, I'd need 2 more Bloodseekers (to bring the single Bloodseeker, to level 2). They'd then all combine as a 3 Star Bloodseeker for a total of 9 purchased (3 + 3 + 3).

If and when playing, and if you have two units and see a third for purchase, this unit will automatically be upgraded. What this does mean however, certainly if you've two of those units on the board, is that they will instantly combine into one. This can - potentially - leave you under the unit cap, meaning you may face a round one (or two) with units down. 

Ideally, and when combing units, you should ensure it's when your board will still remain full, unless it's really early game: a 2 star unit can stomp for some time during the early moments. 

Unit Pool

It's important to note that unit pool is shared across all players. That means, there are only a limited number of each unit within the total pot. What's important to realize about this, is the fact that it directly affects your ability to upgrade units. If multiple players have all picked a Bloodseeker in the first warm-up round, the liklihood of them then having the opportunity to ugprade them, is incredibly slim. Simply put, there will be too few for you to all reliably buy, meaning it'll take a long time - or be near impossible - to get the upgrades you need, without rotating what's available for purchase. Play such as this is not only gold intensive, but it's also like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If you're regularly seeing the same units on your store, it's because others aren't buying them and it would be wise - based on their abundance - to quickly adapt your draft to make use of the quick and plentiful upgrades you can obtain.

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Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019

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