Ark: Survival Evolveds’ Survival of the Fittest mode was already a tough enough challenge without having a fire breathing dragon available for players to tame. The latest addition to the bestiary, the Dragon is only currently available in the Survival of the Fittest Mode.

The Dragon is a massive creature, dwarfing even the largest dinosaurs like the Spino and Rex. Unlike the other dinos however the Dragon cannot be found wandering around in the wild. Only one Dragon will appear per SOTF match. When it does it will slowly start flying towards the central platform where you initially spawn. After arriving there, the Dragon will land and be available to tame.

The Dragon will usually spawn about mid-way through the match in most cases.

You do not need to tranq a Dragon to tame it, all you need to do is place meat in its inventory. Like the other carnivores, Dragons tame faster when they’re fed Prime meat. The Dragon is also set to passive meaning it won’t attack you or any other player/ dinosaur so long as it isn’t tamed by anyone. After it has been tamed, the tribe that tamed it will have 20 minutes to destroy as much as they can before the Dragon becomes wild again.

A tamed Dragon is by far the most powerful weapon a tribe can have in survival of the fittest. It boasts a massive amount of health, extremely powerful melee attacks and can breathe fire, burning all targets in a wide cone in front of it. Creatures/ players hit by the fire will continue to burn for a short duration after they are initially burnt.

The Dragon has a very high rate of movement on the ground and can even fly, allowing it to easily hunt down players trying to hide from it on the ground. You can mount the Dragon as soon as it’s tamed. There is no saddle needed for the Dragon.

Dragon Stats

Health: 30,000

Stamina: 450

Oxygen: 2,000

Food: 2,600

Weight: 3,000

Taming the Dragon will usually require a team of at least 2 players because you will need to defend it the entire time of the tame. You should be especially vigilant for stealthy players that will sneak up and remove the meat from its inventory. The taming process will not be lost when the meat is removed, but the last person to place meat in the inventory when it’s empty will receive the tame.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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