Evolution Events in Ark’s Survival of the Fittest game mode are modifiers that can majorly affect the outcome of a game. They can include anything from increasing the speed at which creatures are tamed, to several minutes of scorching hot weather.

The timing of these events is for the most part random, but you can expect them to be somewhat evenly distrusted throughout each Survival of the Fittest match. The type of evolution event that you get also cannot be predicted and will vary each match you play.

Events can be split into two categories: those that are Helpful and those that are Harmful. Being prepared for both types will allow you to either profit from it, or survive it should it be something like a mega-heat or mega-cold. Watch for the giant notification at the top of your screen to alert you of the events.

Harmful Evolution Events

These events can either slow you down or outright kill you if you’re not careful.

Be prepared to take appropriate action when these happen.

Mega-Cold – Extreme cold that can kill you in minutes if you’re not wearing insulated gear (hide) or near a source of heat (fire). A torch can also provide a small boost of heat if you’re not near any other sources.

Mega-Heat – The opposite of mega-cold, mega heat will quickly fry and dehydrate you if you don’t stay near the water and/or have heavy flak or chitin armor on. You should try to stay near water if you can, as submersing yourself in it will provide a quick cool down.

Carnivore Dino Drop – A random species of carnivorous dinosaur is dropped in large numbers all over the arena. This could be anything from a raptor to a Rex, so either get to high ground, arm yourself for battle, or mount up on a dinosaur for safety.

You can also use this to your advantage if you’ve got some tranq arrows ready. The dinosaurs are usually lvl 1 and can be quickly tamed.

Survivor Tracker – Places a large yellow pillar above the location of every player still alive. If you’re trying to hunt down other players this is great, if you’re trying to hide not so much.

Mega-Fog – An intense fog blankets the entire arena. This fog makes it almost impossible to see where you’re going. Your best bet is to hunker down where you are until it clears.

Beast Within – Sends all of the wild creatures into a frenzy setting them to aggressive. Approaching any non-tamed dinosaur will cause them to attack you on sight.

Harvest Famine – Reduces the rate at which you harvest materials like berries, wood, metal and stone.

Helpful Evolution Events

Day/ Night Swap – Not really a helpful or a harmful event, this one swaps day with night and night with day. Can be a pain if it swaps it to night in the middle of a fight or while there is a mega-fog.

Herbivore Drop – Just like the carnivore drop except it’s plant eaters this time. The only downside of this one can be if it’s brontos that get dropped as they can really interfere with any fights/ farming you’re doing.

Harvest Bounty – Greatly increases the rate at which you harvest materials like berries, wood, stone and metal.

Super Loot Crate – An extra large crate of goods that falls to the center platform. Usually contains large numbers of the more powerful goods you can get in SOTF, like guns, flak armor and some of the more rare saddles.

Dragon – when the powerful dragon swoops into the center platform any tribe with meat can tame it. The dragon does not agro until it is tamed, but because many players will be vying for it, you should try to have at least 2 or 3 teammates to protect it during the taming process.

Double Taming – Doubles the speed at which creatures are tamed while it is active. This is a huge leg up for tribes trying to get some of the larger dinosaurs like Spinos that can take a longer time to tame.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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