Success in Evolve starts with selecting the right tactics for the game mode. Patiently staging up as the monster while survivors evac or eggs are destroyed or breaking your group of four hunters into teams of two might seem counter-intuitive but, coupled with skill, luck, and, in the hunters' case, teamwork, can lead to the win screen.

Here's a few more tips for hunters and the monster in each of Evolve's four game modes: Hunt, Nest, Rescue, and Defend. 


Hunt is Evolve's most straightforward mode: Hunters must kill the monster before the monster kills them. When the monster reaches stage 3, it can destroy the power relay and win the game.
Hunter Tips for Hunt Game Mode:

  • A highly mobile team with excellent lockdown and tracking makes the hunt much easier. Jetpack and movement perks (first received at level 4 and 11, respectively) plus movement abilities like the third-tier medic Caira's acceleration field help you keep up with the monster as it attempts to stage up.
  • Consider splitting into teams of two to find the monster quickly. Abilities such as Griffin's sound spikes, placed near chokepoints but out of sight when possible, help narrow the search area.
  • Evolve maps use a lot of verticality. When in pursuit, get into a rhythm of recharging your jetpack when when over level ground so that you have fuel available to clear obstacles and chasms.
  • When you locate the monster, make sure your trapper deploys their mobile arena to lockdown the monster and hunters.  After the arena collapses, Abe (Trapper) and his tracking dart or Bucket's (Support) UAV can help you find and not lose the monster while it's still a wee monster. Also, Val's tranquilizers both slow the monster and make it visible through terrain.

Monster Tips for Hunt:

  • Early game evasion is key, making the pacesetting Wraith a joy to play in Hunt. Goliath, on the other hand, lacks escapability and is prone to getting cornered by the tracker's mobile arena. Gaining distance immediately, using sneak, and avoiding birds are all key to surviving to stage 2 as Goliath.
  • Regardless of which monster you place, try to avoid confrontation until you reach stage 3. Be sure to sneak to avoid leaving footprints and never, ever retrace your steps.
  • Wraith's abduction and decoy abilities, deployed consecutively, allow you to single out hunters and take advantage of the confusion for more one-on-one damage. Abduct into stream beds and other wildlife rich areas for maximum effect. Finishing even one kill tilts the game drastically in your favor.


Nest mode is a race for hunters to take out the monsters' eggs before a timer expires. The monster is able to hatch an AI controlled minion at the cost of one egg.
Hunter Tips for Nest:

  • Split into teams of two to take out eggs in half the time. If you're attacked, lose the minion or monster and move on to the next target. Join up again to take out the last few eggs.
  • Don't forget about area of effect weapons like grenades as an opener when taking out eggs, but avoid using annoying knockback abilities like Hank's orbital barrage against fixed targets.
  • If an early stage monster is in the area, try feigning an attack on a closeby egg to set up an ambush with mines, traps, mobile arena, etc. while your teammates continue to take out eggs.

Monster Tips for Nest:

  • Commit to losing a few eggs while you stage up, and never attempt to save eggs that are too far away. Usually by the time you arrive, the hunters will have moved on.
  • Try hatching a minion just as the hunters arrive. Unlike eggs, minions fight back and are difficult for teams of two to kill.
  • If your second to last egg is lost, head straight for your last one and hatch it. Make your last stand with an ally!


In Defend mode, Hunters must guard a series of generators, each powering one of two shield walls, to allow a ship time to fuel up and escape before the monster and waves of his minions destroy it. 

Hunter Tips for Defend:

  • Assault hunters, especially Markov with his mines, are excellent at defending the generators. Mine the approaches, turrets, and minion facing sides of the generator between waves. With some good hits and by keeping the turrets up, the assault should be able to hold the generators alone, freeing the rest of the team to deal with the monster.
  • Knockback abilities like Hank's orbital barrage prevent minions from doing damage to structures, buying you valuable time to take them out.
  • Be aware of the status of the first generator to prevent monsters and minions from steamrolling the second. Minions are fairly fast moving, and with relatively full health, they can do a lot of damage in the time it takes for your team to catch up.

Monster Tips for Defend:

  • Attack during minion waves and use the time between to stage up.
  • Minions are best at wearing down the generators and ship. Be sure to buy them time by keeping players busy. Target down lone hunters on guard duty.
  • Let your minions soak up mine and turret damage, but help them when possible by taking out the turrets.


In Rescue mode, hunters must locate, revive, and evacuate 50% of the survivors to a dropship before the monster kills a majority of the evacuees. 
Hunter Tips for Rescue: 

  • As with Hunt, speed is key. You'll locate survivors and dropship locations sequentially, so minimizing time in transit will prevent the monster from becoming stage 3 before the final few evacuee pulls.
  • Remember to guard the evacuees on their way to the evac point. AI pathing can be tricky, and survivors are likely most vulnerable in transit when your team isn't set up to defend.
  • Avoid trapping evacuees in your mobile arena with the monster - that's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Monster Tips for Rescue:

  • As with nest, stage up while hunters are grabbing the first two evacuees. Don't bother going after these early survivors unless the opportunity presents itself.
  • Your focus is killing the evacuees, something made much easier with Wraith's decoy and abduct abilities. Regardless, they're pretty squishy, so at stage 2 you should be able to kill one or two from the second wave while they're in transit.
  • Most player hunters won't bother to guard the evacuees in transit, instead heading straight for the dropship location, so that's the perfect time to strike. Avoid fights at the evacuation point unless you absolutely have to fight; monsters do best when hunters can't collect their defenses.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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