If he weren’t so good at killing monsters he would probably be committed to a mental institution. Hyde is by far the most offensive assault class in the game so far, with every one of his unique abilities being focused on dealing as much damage to the monster as possible.

Hyde’s main weapons are his Flame Thrower and Minigun, both capable of doing immense amounts of damage especially at close range, which of course is where Hyde thrives. Rounding out his kit is the Toxic Grenade that applies a damage over time effect to any creature unlucky enough to be caught in its cloud.

The Gear


Hyde’s flamethrower holds the record for the highest damage weapon in the game. If you can manage to get up close and personal with the monster, you can keep it bathed in flames for up to 10 continuous seconds, dealing a massive amount of damage in the process.

The downside of course is that the flamethrower has a very limited range, in fact one of the shortest in the game so try to keep your personal shield on stand by when you go in to use it.


  • The flamethrower has a very short range. Wait until your trapper has the monster immobilized before moving in close to fire it up.
  • The monster will continue to burn for a short period of time after you stop shooting it. Even if you know you can’t get a full ten-second blast off, it may be worthwhile to hit it with the flame before switching to your minigun.

Mini Gun

While some people think of a pistol when you say secondary weapon, Hyde brings a mini gun. The mini gun can fire a rapid stream of lead at the monster for up to ten seconds before it needs to reload. Because of this rapid fire however it can be somewhat difficult to aim precisely.

Anything further away than medium range will be difficult to hit accurately, so it’s a good idea to aim for the monster’s center mass to increase the amount of shots that land.


  • The damage from the flamethrower is much higher than the minigun. Only use the minigun if the monster is out of range of the flamethrower.
  • Try firing in bursts to increase your accuracy.

Toxic Grenade

The Toxic Grenade emits a fog of poisonous gas when it detonates that deals damage over time and applies a slowing effect to any creature that walks within the cloud. This makes it perfect for use within the mobile area where space is limited, or for creating bottlenecks to coral the monster where you want him.


  • The toxic grenades will not deal damage to your fellow hunters but it will slow their movement speed and prevent them from sprinting when they are in the cloud.
  • Use grenades to set up a defensive perimeter in front of your team. The slowing, poisonous cloud will make the monster think twice before lunging at you and your teammates.
  • Grenades provide perfect cover for downed hunters. Throw one on a downed hunter to “encourage” the monster to leave.

Personal Shield

The assault class standard personal shield is built to keep you alive long enough to take the monster out. When activated, the personal shield renders its user practically immune from damage (it takes a ton of damage to break) for ten seconds. After those ten seconds are up the shield comes down and you’ll have to wait another 30 seconds until it can be used again.

Use the shield to protect Hyde while he moves in close to fire his flamethrower.


  • Use the time while your shield is activated to use your close range weapons. It will protect you while you get in close, after which you can jet pack away to poke with your long distance options.
  • Keep an eye on your shield strength and remaining time. Getting caught up close and personal with a monster and no shield is a surefire way to get you and the rest of your team killed. Monitor the timer and shield strength to make sure you don’t get caught with your pants down.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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