Griffin is an unlockable Hunter Trapper who makes up for his lack of a tracking Trapjaw with his sound spikes, capable of picking up a Monster’s movements from great distances. Deploying an array of sensors across the map make avoiding detection almost impossible for all but the stealthiest monsters.

Once the monster has been found, Griffin uses his trusty harpoon gun to lock it down while his comrades hit it with the big guns. The harpoon gun is a lot like the harpoon mine used by Maggie, only instead of being mounted in the ground Griffin anchors the other end of the link. This allows Griffin to more accurately control the monster’s movements while following it throughout the fight.

The Gear

Gauss SMG

Griffin’s side arm is a fully automatic sub machine gun capable of doing medium/ light damage to enemies at close range. Because of the weapons short range and less than stellar accuracy you have to be dangerously close to the monster for it to be effective.


  • During a fight your time is best spent locking the monster down with the Harpoon Gun. Only bring out the SMG if your team is pushing to knock the final bit of health off the monster or it’s locked down via another method.

Harpoon Gun

The go to monster tool of Griffin, the Harpoon Gun is extremely effective at slowing a monsters escape or preventing them from attacking your fellow hunters. When a harpoon connects with the monster a link will be formed between it and Griffin. While this link remains, the monsters movement will be limited except if it is moving towards Griffin. The link can be broken if the monster get’s too far away, if it knocks back Griffin, or if a piece of terrain breaks the link.


  • The monster’s movement speed will not be impaired if it is running towards Griffin. Position yourself behind, or at the side of where you think the monster wants to go for best results.
  • The tether will not reduce the monsters movement speed if you are in the air. Griffin must be on the ground for it to have any effect.
  • Try to keep close and a clear line of sight. The tether will break if the monster gets over 40 meters away, or if a piece of terrain breaks the link. Stay close enough to the monster to prevent this while keeping a clear line of sight.

evolve hunter griffin harpoon

Sound Spikes

The sound spikes are Griffin’s primary means of detecting and tracking a monster. Any monster that comes within 50 meters of one of the spikes will be detected which will place an icon of it’s location in every hunters HuD and mini map. Up to five sensors can be placed around the map at one time.


  • You can only place 5 sensors at one time so try to place them in high traffic areas, or areas you think the Monster will travel.
  • The local wildlife and the monster can destroy sensors. Place them in hard to reach or hidden areas to keep them up and running. A destroyed sensor is also a good indication that the monster is near.

Mobile Arena

Rounding out your kit is the class standard Mobile Arena, capable of locking down all monsters (and hunters), preventing their escape and hopefully ensuring their demise. Always deploy the mobile arena as soon as you come within range of the Monster to prevent it from escaping.


  • Use the mobile arena as soon as you are able to. Locking down the monster in the arena both allows you to attack it more effectively and prevents it from eating any more wildlife and evolving.


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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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