The Goliath is the first available Monster in Evolve. It’s an extremely strong creature that’s predominantly relies on melee attacks to damage opponents. As a melee fighter, it’s best to be in and amongst the enemy Hunters so that you can deal maximum damage quickly. The more you eat and the more you Evolve, you’ll gain the opportunity to unlock additional skills and significantly improve those you already have. It’s incredibly important that you Evolve as quickly as possible. Although you’re a melee Monster you do have two ranged attacks: Rock Throw and Fire Breath. While they are ranged, their distance isn’t great and as is the case with Rock Throw, if you’re too far away from Hunters they can easily dodge the projectile. It’s still best to use these skills close up. Lastly, at the start of the match unlock Rock Throw, Leap Smash and Charge. These three attacks are incredibly powerful against Hunters early on, in comparison to Fire Breath.


Rock Throw

The Goliath rips a massive chunk of rock out of the ground and throws it wherever you aim. If hit, the target takes massive damage and is knocked backwards. Rock Throw is exceptional at close range because it’s difficult to miss with. At Stage 3 Evolution, it can kill an opposing player in one hit. Although it’s possible to use the skill from range, I’d recommend you try not to simply because it’s so easy to avoid. At mid and close range, it’s amazing and you’ll want to upgrade this as quickly as possible.  


  • Try to predict where your opponent will move to so that you can throw the rock slightly ahead of them.
  • Remember the rock has an traveling arc - it doesn’t fly straight.
  • Leap Smash

The Goliath will leap into the air towards the target location and slam into the ground. Upon landing the Goliath slams his fists down, damaging those it hits. By changing the direction mid-air, you can slightly affect where you land. It’s important that you do this as it can sometimes be just enough to move into the direction of a Hunter who has adjusted their position. Leap Smash deals enormous damage and you can leap quite far using it. For that reason, it’s amazing at initiating combat and escaping it.


  • Leap Smash can be used as a fourth “jump” if you need to escape quickly.

Fire Breath

Fire Breath sprays a jet of flame over opponents to cause burning over time. It’s range is relatively short but it’s great for scattering Hunters who are grouped too closely. The damage it deals isn’t enormous although it pairs well with just your fist smashes. I’d recommend you upgrade this last.


  • Fire Breath is amazing at killing groups of wildlife quickly.
  • You can use Fire Breath on downed players to burn them while you deal with other Hunters.


This attack allows the Goliath to charge forward and push aside anything in its path. It knocks Hunters back and deals some damage. Primarily it’s used as a tool to close the gap between you and them and if necessary, prevent someone from resurrecting a downed Hunter. You should unlock this early as it offers a good method of escape, but I wouldn’t upgrade it until you are Stage 3.


  • Charge is great for escaping quickly but you need to remember you’ll leave footprints.
  • Try to use Charge in penned in environments to deal maximum damage.

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  • The Goliath was the first monster revealed for Evolve and often serves as the face of Evolve’s marketing. The Goliath is also the only Monster to appear as an AI controlled opponent in Nest and Defend modes and as a victory perk in Evacuation.
  • In development, Goliath was called 'Scorpid' and was a giant crab-scorpion that could burrow. Turtle Rock wanted to make the monster more "relatable", so tweaked Goliath using Godzilla and King Kong as inspiration to make the monster seen today.
  • Pre-ordering the game will get you the Monster Expansion Pack which contains a "Savage Goliath" skin.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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