Playing Hunters in Evolve requires perfect team work. There’s no room for a Rambo and it’s almost impossible to bring a Monster down by yourself. As a result, you need to work alongside your fellow players to ensure that you can harass the creature as much as possible and when it is cornered, that you survive long enough to bring it down. Here are my best Tips and Tricks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get a microphone. I really can’t emphasise this enough. The in-built voice communication support for Evolve works really well and using voice chat to coordinate your Hunters is paramount to your teams success.
  • Know the role of your Hunter. As a Trapper you should constantly be pursuing the Monster, following tracks and keeping it pinned down or slowed. You should only be firing at it when you are free to do so. As a Medic, healing your allies is your priority. It might sound obvious but I’ve lost track at the amount of players who want to just shoot as opposed to fulfil their role.
  • At the very beginning, try to split up. You should go as pairs and loosely head north and south (map permitting). Even if you encounter the Monster as a pair, it’s unlikely you’ll die as Monster players will try to flee so they can evolve.
  • Once you’ve located the Monster you should endeavour to sprint after it rather than using your Jet Pack boost. I say this because if the Monster does decide to turn around and attack you, you’ll have no juice left to escape.
  • Try to always attack the Monster from above, that means climbing onto cliffs and buildings. The main reason to do this is because it’ll force the Monster to use his leaps, meaning when he has, he can’t escape quickly.
  • Always ensure that you and your Hunters are spaced out when you engage the Monster. If you group together you’ll likely take massive AOE damage. Use your weapon range to keep the Monster too-ing and fro-ing between you all.
  • You should have your map open as much as humanly possible. The main reason being that it’ll allow you to guess which way the Monster is heading. If you see that it’s reached the end of the map, it’s only going to have one of two ways to go. Predicting this movement is key to spearheading the creature.
  • It might be tempting to follow Daisy if she’s part of your team, but I’d recommend against it. Use Daisy as a guide but nothing more. If you follow her blindly your team will move and track slowly.
  • Always try to ensure that your Assault engages the Monster first. They’ve a personal shield, deal the most damage and should be the biggest distraction. It’s also their role to attempt to block the Monster from reaching the Medic or Support.
  • When you have the Monster trapped in a Mobile Arena, you really need to capitalize on this as much as possible. The only way you can do this is by turning on the damage meters and getting its armor down. By doing this you ensure that once the creature escape he’ll need to eat a lot to replenish his armor. This puts you in a good position when you find him again.
  • If a Monster reaches Stage 3 evolution, you’re in trouble. If it’s Stage 3 Evolution when it has full armor, it’s highly likely your team will fail without perfect team work. Try to kill the Monster before it gets too strong.
  • If your team has Abe or Griffin, you’ll be at a disadvantage at the start unless the Monster makes a mistake and leaves tracks or startles a bird. Fortunately you should have an advantage by Stage 2 as you’ll have your tracking darts in place or your Sound Spikes in perfect locations.
  • Always try to utilise double-damage spots that Val the Medic paints onto the Monster. These are a good opportunity to deal a significant amount of damage during a very short window.
  • Creatures on the map can incapacitate a fellow Hunter incredibly quickly. You should try to avoid the largest as much as possible - fly over them or simply go around them.
  • Don’t ever engage a Monster if it’s near to large Creatures. The Creatures will almost certainly attack you and not the Monster, making your life much more difficult.
  • Combing Hunter skills is imperative if you’re to kill a Monster quickly. You should understand all the skills available to all Hunters and when the match starts, make sure you utilise this synergy. For example, a Statis Grenade from Abe works wonderfully well with Hank as the beast will be slowed and you can call in an Orbital Barrage.
  • If your fellow Hunters die, you should revive them as quickly as possible. It’s best to do this however in stealth so the Monster doesn’t see. Hank and Lazarus are good for this.
  • If you’re the last Hunter alive, you should attempt to run before the Monster finds you. This will buy you enough time for your fellow Hunters to airdrop in.
  • Every time you die, your health pool is diminished. This means that you’ll die quicker each time. Being revived prevents this from happening.
  • Try to time your airdrops so that if you’re going to die, it’s when another airdrop is due. Doing this allows you to minimise the downtime between death and arriving back on the map.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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