Not content with a life stuck aboard the transport ship, Bucket is a fully functional robotic hunter who more than lives up to the monster mashing prowess of his human compatriots. Bucket’s retrofitted drone chassis has been modified to meet the requirements of the Hunter support class specifically.

These upgrades include onboard sentry guns that can be deployed to the field, a robotic aerial drone perfect for tracking the monster and getting a lay of the land; and a guided rocket launcher that rivals the power of Cabot’s Gauss Cannon. Bucket is the perfect Hunter multi-tool if there ever was one.

The Gear

Guided Missile Launcher

Fired directly from his arm, Bucket’s guided missile is capable of launching a missile, which will then follow the laser designator directly to the target. The draw back of this system is that the missile travels somewhat slowly so you’ll make sure you’re in a safe position that will allow you to keep the laser pointer on the target long enough.

The missile launcher carries a clip of 4 rockets at a time and has a fairly long reload rate. For this reason it’s always a good idea to have a full clip of rockets before heading into a fight.


  • Use the laser guided functionality of the rockets to direct the missiles around objects and attack the monster when he least expects it.
  • Try to find a safe location to fire your missiles. It can be very difficult aiming your laser designator while being smashed around by the monster.

Sentry Turrets

Being a robot with no internal organs leaves a lot of storage room available for Bucket. He puts it to good use by packing away sentry guns that can be placed anywhere in the battlefield. When the monster comes near the sentry guns will automatically open fire.

Bucket carries an unlimited amount of sentry guns, but can only have 5 placed at one time. Placing more than five will result in the oldest one that was placed being destroyed.


  • Place sentry guns around you before deploying your head as a UAV. If the monster does run across your body while you are “away”, he will hopefully stop to deal with them giving you enough time to escape.
  • Sentry guns are somewhat fragile. Place them in out of the way locations to avoid them getting hit and destroyed by the monster.


It’s called a UAV but in actuality it’s Buckets head that does the reconnaissance. When activated Bucket will remove his head, which can then be flown around the map at a rapid speed. Once it’s in the air it can stay active for up to 52 seconds unless it is manually destroyed or destroyed by the monster.

Another perk of the UAV is that if you do manage to spot the monster keeping it in your cross hairs for 4 seconds will fire a tracking dart that reveals the monsters location for up to 15 seconds.


  • The best way to find the monster with your UAV is to coordinate with your tracker. Get them to give you the general direction of the monster and then use your UAV to pinpoint its location.
  • If the Mobile arena is going down and the monster looks like they are preparing to make a run for it switch to your UAV and tag them before the walls drop. Having their location right off the bat is a huge advantage and will drastically speed up their re-capture.

Cloaking Field

The Cloaking Field is the support classes shared ability. When activated, the cloaking field causes you and any hunters near you to become invisible for up to 20 seconds. Hunters will become visible again if they leave the cloak field area, fire their weapon, activate an ability, or the cloak fields energy runs out.


The cloak field is perfect for covering a retreat. If your team needs to vacate the area post haste, use your cloak to make it much more difficult for the monster to follow.

Cloak is great for reviving your teammates. The revival process leaves hunters vulnerable to attack, and usually the monster will be keeping an eye on downed one’s to make sure they aren’t being revived. Cloak yourself and move in for the stealth revive.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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