The leader of the Hunter crew, Cabot provides support to his team with a collection of gadgets and high-powered weapons. Cabot’s go to weapon is his Rail Cannon which is capable of not only chunking monsters for large amounts of health, but also shooting through objects such as rocks, trees and even other wildlife.

Cabot compliments his own high damage output by increasing the damage done by his teammates using the damage amplifier. Any enemies marked with the damage amplifier will have all damage done to them doubled. For these reasons and more, Cabot is always a helpful hunter to have along for your monster hunting sessions.

The Gear

Rail Cannon

Cabot’s main armament, the Rail Gun, shoots single high powered projectiles capable of hitting a target at medium/ long range, and can even cut through many objects such as stones, trees and walls. This makes it extremely handy for harassing the target while chasing it through the thick brush or ruin littered facility.

That being said, there are limitations to the weapon - after travelling through an object the bullet will only do 50% of it’s usual damage and only travels for an additional 50 meters.


  • The Rail Gun’s high accuracy is perfect for hitting weak spots. When you’re waiting for your damage amplifier to charge up, aim for the monster’s head or other indicated weak areas and fire away with the rail gun.
  • Use tracking dust in combination with your Rail Cannon to shoot the monster through objects. When the monster is tagged with the dust it makes an easy target to find.

Damage Amplifier

One of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game, especially when you’re facing tankier monsters, the damage amplifier projects a beam onto that target that then doubles all damage done so long as the beam remains. After it amplifies for a total of 1000 damage it must be recharged for 18 seconds before it can be used again. 


  • Save the Damage amplifier for when your assault is ready to fire with their main weapon. The amplifier doubles all damage done while it is active so make sure the most powerful weapons are being used during this time to get the most out of it.
  • The amplifier also works for mines and flamethrowers. If that monster is about to walk into a minefield, double the damage with the amplifier.

Tracking Dust

Cabot has his own version of Hanks orbital strike, only Cabot’s payload is a special dust that will track all wildlife touched by it for 15 seconds. You aim the ability just like the orbital strike, once it’s deployed the dust will cover a large swath of land marking any wildlife caught in the area.


  • The tracking dust is great for keeping a monster in your sights during a fight. After trapping the monster in a mobile arena deploy the tracking dust, there will be nowhere for it to hide.
  • So long as the monster is in the dust the 15 second duration of the tracking dust will reset.

Cloaking Field

The Cloaking Field is the support classes shared ability. When activated, the cloaking field causes you and any hunters near you to become invisible for up to 20 seconds. Hunters will become visible again if they leave the cloak field area, fire their weapon, activate an ability, or the cloak fields energy runs out.


  • The cloak field is perfect for covering a retreat. If your team needs to vacate the area post haste, use your cloak to make it much more difficult for the monster to follow.
  • Cloak is great for reviving your teammates. The revival process leaves hunters vulnerable to attack, and usually the monster will be keeping an eye on downed one’s to make sure they aren’t being revived. Cloak yourself and move in for the stealth revive.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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