Caria Diaz is an offensive Medic. She has access to a Grenade Launcher which can heal and harm. The Healing Grenades provide a splash heal to anyone in their blast radius. The Napalm Grenades ignite anything they touch so they’re a good source of damage over time against the Monster. Lastly, alongside her Healing Burst she also has an Acceleration Field that provides you and others around you a huge speed boost.

The Gear

AOE Grenade Launcher

There’s two sides to this Grenade Launcher: Healing and Burning. You can repeatedly attack with both and unlike the other Medic classes, Caira is the only one that can heal herself by using the Healing Grenade. The splash is generous and it allows you to throw out lots of healing. The burning that the Napalm Grenades offer is pretty significant and are capable of dealing good damage to the Monster.


  • Try to take account for the slight flight-arc with your Grenades: they don’t fire straight forward, but they are fast projectiles.
  • Be sure to switch between both Grenade types regularly - you’ll need both to be effective.
  • The Burning provided by the Napalm Grenades is fairly significant, try to keep the Monster burning as much as possible.

Acceleration Device

The Acceleration Device is really useful and is one of my favourite utilities in the game. It provides a huge burst to your speed and is great for chasing down a Monster or running away when a Support Hunter uses their Cloak. Its cooldown is pretty long so be sure to save it for the right movement.


  • Try to use Acceleration Device when your team is in front of you so that everyone gets the speed boost.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the Acceleration Device to escape. It will save your life.
  • The cooldown on the device is long so be sure to use it when you can gaurentee it’ll allow you to catch up with the Monster.

Healing Burst

As the class skill for all Medic’s, Healing Burst provides a boost of health to all those around the Medic. Its range isn’t large, but it does provide a large chunk of health. I’d recommend you try your best to save this skill until you need it and when you do use it, ensure you’re around as many fellow Hunters as possible.


  • Healing Burst has a long cooldown, be sure to only use it when necessary.
  • When a Hunter is downed (including yourself) you can use Healing Burst to top-up your health so that you rally allies quicker.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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