Hank is a support class Hunter who rides the line between offence and defense. On the offensive side of things, he is capable of putting out a devastating amount of damage with his Orbital Barrage and Laser Cutter. For defense, Hank packs a Shield gun that essentially gives another teammate a second health bar which blocks all of the incoming damage so long as Hank keeps the beam on them.

This combination of utility and heavy damage makes Hank a welcome member of any Hunter team, especially when in the right hands. To hone your Hank skills check out our tips and tricks on the Support Hunter below!

The Gear

Laser Cutter

Think of it as a sort of laser based mini gun. The Laser Cutter is capable of inflicting heavy amounts of damage over a short period of time. The gun can produce sustained periods of fire for up to ten seconds, after which the energy clip will have to recharge.

The one limitation of the weapon is that it’s not very effective at long range. Try to get as close as you safely can before spooling up a barrage of lasers at the monster’s weak spots.


  • Because of the weapons relatively short range, consider using your cloaking field or the cover of the environment to safely get within effective range.
  • The energy recharge on the Laser Cutter takes longer to refill than reloading a standard weapon. Fire in bursts to keep the energy topped up. This will also help increase your accuracy.

Shield Gun

The most helpful tool in Hanks kit is definitely his shield gun. When aimed and fired at a fellow hunter, the shield gun projects a beam that surrounds the target in a protective shield. This shield is capable of soaking up large amounts of damage, and essentially doubles the life of the shielded hunter.

Any attacks done to the shielded hunter will decrease the charge of the shield and will eventually completely deplete it. When that happens Hank must wait 10 seconds for the shield gun’s energy to recharge before he can use it again.


  • Use the shield gun on whatever hunter seems to be getting the most attention from the monster especially if it is the Trapper. Their death will bring down the Mobile Arena.
  • Coordinate with your medic on targets. If your medic is already healing the Assault hunter chances are they don’t need a shield as well unless they’re really taking a beating.


Orbital Barrage

Few things are as satisfying (or as devastating) as calling down a heavy artillery barrage from an orbiting space ship. To fire an Orbital Barrage Hank just needs to place his target on the designated area with the equipable binoculars. A few seconds after that, the bombs will start raining from the sky dealing massive amounts of damage to any monster caught in the blast.


  • The Orbital Barrage is a relatively slow attack that can’t be moved once the target has been placed, making it relatively easy for the Monster to dodge. By coordinating with your Trapper you can try to have the monster harpooned/ slowed just before you fire the barrage, dramatically increasing the chances it hits the target.
  • The Orbital Barrage has a long cooldown after it’s used. Try to only use it when you know it will hit something or you absolutely have to.
  • If you’re team is on the run use the orbital barrage to cover your retreat. The heavy damage of the attack will most likely cause the monster to divert its path, buying you the time you need to escape.

Cloaking Field

The Cloaking Field is the support classes shared ability. When activated, the cloaking field causes you and any hunters near you to become invisible for up to 20 seconds. Hunters will become visible again if they leave the cloak field area, fire their weapon, activate an ability, or the cloak fields energy runs out.


  • The cloak field is perfect for covering a retreat. If your team needs to vacate the area post haste, use your cloak to make it much more difficult for the monster to follow.
  • Cloak is great for reviving your teammates. The revival process leaves hunters vulnerable to attack, and usually the monster will be keeping an eye on downed one’s to make sure they aren’t being revived. Cloak yourself and move in for the stealth revive.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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