Val is the first Medic that you can play in Evolve. She is arguably also the most “rounded” of the three that are available. Like all Medic’s she has Healing Burst which provides a chunk of area of effect healing while she also has access to a Medgun, Tranquilizer Rifle and Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle. Although she isn’t really capable of dealing any damage, she makes up for this in sheer utility. Her Sniper Rifle allows you to paint targets on the Monster to deal double damage while the Tranquilizer Rifle slows the beast and makes it show up through walls. Lastly, her Medgun offers a ranged “heal-over-time” that keeps player health topped up. If Val has any weaknesses, it’s that she can’t heal herself outside of using Healing Burst so use it wisely.

The Gear

Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle

Val’s Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle deals only minor damage to the Monster but it’s capable of punching holes in the Monster’s Armor. By doing this, anyone who then hits this hole will immediately deal double damage to the creature. What makes the Sniper Rifle so powerful isn’t just the damage but the fact that she can rapid fire it, allowing you to cover the Monster in holes in a very short space of time. Unsurprisingly, you’re best using the Sniper Rifle at long range.


  • Try to aim for easy to hit locations on the Monster. The head, chest and back make for perfect spots.
  • You can rapid fire the Sniper Rifle but its aim does go a bit wonky if you do. Use your scope to bring the shots into line.


The Medgun allows you to heal your allies from range. It doesn’t heal for a huge amount but it does mitigate a lot of incoming damage from the Monster. Be careful however, the Medgun projects a huge green beam onto your target meaning the Monster will know exactly where you are. Best of all, the Medgun also allows you to resurrect downed Hunters from a distance.


  • If a player is downed, use your Medgun on him. Even if the Monster is using his melee attack on the downed Hunter, you’ll heal too much for the downed player to be killed.
  • You cannot use the Medgun to heal yourself!
  • Try to always use the Medgun on the Hunter being attacked but ensure you use it at maximum range.

Tranquilizer Rifle

My favourite weapon in the game, the Tranquilizer Rifle slows the Monster and makes it visible through walls. This is brilliant for not only tracking the beast, but it also allows you to pair well with other Hunters such as Cabot who can shoot through walls. Your Tranquilizers should be used repeatedly to ensure the Monster stays slowed.


  • Always start a fight against a Monster with the Tranquilizer Rifle as this will slow it immediately, buying you time to switch to your Sniper Rifle.
  • Once the Monster is slowed, you are free to heal but remember to slow the Monster again when it wears off: it doesn’t last long.
  • Even though you aren’t a trapper, the Tranquilizer Rifle shows the Monster through walls when darted. Follow the Monster so that your allies can catch up.

Healing Burst

As the class skill for all Medic’s, Healing Burst provides a boost of health to all those around the Medic. Its range isn’t large, but it does provide a large chunk of health. I’d recommend you try your best to save this skill until you need it and when you do use it, ensure you’re around as many fellow Hunters as possible.


  • Healing Burst has a long cooldown, be sure to only use it when necessary.
  • When a Hunter is downed (including yourself) you can use Healing Burst to top-up your health so that you rally allies quicker.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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