I would argue that Evolve’s Wraith is the hardest of the three available Monsters to be effective with. Not only does it have a smaller armor and health pool than the Kraken or Goliath, but its attacks provide only limited ways of mitigating damage. Combined with the fact almost every attack involves melee, it requires the player to be clever and subtle. Fortunately, the Wraith has a huge amount of agility and mobility that allows it to travel the map quickly and engage players through teleports and decoys. Utilising the jump key causes the Wraith to teleport forwards but be careful, although this is silent you will leave a white trail of particles.



Using Abduction will transport the Wraith directly onto an opposing Hunter. Once you’ve grabbed them, you’ll teleport backwards while doing damage. It’s primary use it to separate out the Hunters from the rest of the team or if a Hunter is attempting to flee.


  • Try to use Abduction against the Medic. This will pull them away from the target that they’re currently healing and force them to use their Healing Field.

Warp Blast

Without doubt, Warp Blast is my favourite Wraith skill. It allows you to travel forwards at frightening speed. When you land you’ll explode, dealing massive damage and knocking Hunters back. You should attempt to use this skill when Hunters are grouped together or when they’re near the edge of a platform so you knock them off.


  • Warp Blast can be used to escape should you need it. Just aim in the direction of your choosing and hit the button.
  • Try to always aim for Hunters in groups. The damage against a solo target is still great, but the impact is better against multiple foes.


An excellent skill to use in and out of combat. Decoy creates a clone of yourself that attacks your foes, while stealthing you. It’s brilliant for allowing you to reposition and escape or attack a new target. The decoy moves in the direction the Wraith is facing when activated and leaves a barely visible trail, providing hunters a hint of it being a fake. Please also note that warping will disable the clone.


  • Before using Decoy try to determine which target you want to attack once you’re stealthed. You need to ensure that you can quickly switch to them while Hunters are focused on the Decoy.
  • Remember that Decoy can be used to escape. Aiming your Decoy in one location and running in the other is the most viable use.


Supernova is the Wraith’s strongest skill. It traps Hunters small arena while also providing the Wraith with additional damage and speed. What’s especially powerful about Supernova is the fact that charging it will also provide the same boost to your Decoy, meaning there’s two super-charged Wraith’s fighting at once.


  • Always try to use Supernova when you have your Decoy up for maximum effect.
  • Utilise Supernova when you’re near your Hunter so that you can quickly trap them.
  • Always try to attack the Medic or Trapper with Supernova to burst them down quickly.

Play Footage


  • The Wraith's head will glow red under certain circumstances.
  • Official descriptions label the Wraith as female. This is due to the inspiration the developers drew from creatures like mermaids and sirens. This can be seen in the general outline of Wraith, which has a vague hourglass torso
  • The Wraith is the only Monster to have its own map.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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