The Monster in Evolve is incredibly difficult to play well. At first glance you might think the advantage is always to you when it really isn’t the case. Until at least Stage 2 of Evolution, you’re not only vulnerable but you will be continually hounded while you try to eat. Surviving to Stage 3 requires a great deal of skill, stealth and cunning in order to avoid being hunted. Should you survive to Stage 2 or higher, you’re in an incredibly strong position to take down the Hunters but you’ll still need to utilise the terrain to ambush properly. Here are my best tips for playing any of the Monsters in Evolve.

Tips and Tricks

  • When you first appear on the map, instantly use your sneak skill. This is absolutely paramount to your survival as it hides your footprints and prevents you from being tracked early on. You should sneak away into a random direction as quickly as possible and sneak for around a minute. This should give you a good head start to begin eating.
  • Use your “smell” constantly. No really, use it all the time. Smell is incredibly important because it shows up enemy Hunters, creatures and birds. You need to know exactly what’s coming and from where.
  • You should aim, at Stage 1, to kill creatures that not only die quickly but can be eaten quickly as well. Most of the small creatures can be eaten instantly and provide a good quick boost to your evolution and armor.
  • At Stage 1 avoid the large creatures as they take too long to kill and although provide a lot of juice for your evolution, you’ll likely be caught halfway through eating. At Stage 2 you can comfortably kill them with skills quickly for a large feast.
  • Reavers and Obsidian Grubs are two specific creatures you should aim to eat often. Reavers provide additional armor gain and Obsidian Grubs are a quick and plentiful snack.
  • When killing creatures, always try to use your Sneak Attack. It’s quick, silent and allows you to incapacitate the animal quickly.
  • You can bring up your map by pressing TAB and you should do this often. You need to look for your next route and you need to imagine where the Hunters will come from. If you’re in one corner of the map, you should smell and determine if the Hunters are near. Skirting around the edge is a very viable tactic.
  • Don’t be predictable. If you are always running around the map in a circle, you’ll quickly be intercepted. Try to change your route and use the terrain to mix up any chance they have of finding you.
  • If the Hunters don’t have Daisy at the start, you have an advantage. It takes some time for other Trappers to locate you using their other skills so use this time quickly. Eat as much as you can!
  • Despite being enormous, it’s actually pretty easy to avoid being detected as a Monster as long as you sneak, use the darkness and use the water. It’s a little harder as Goliath, but as Kraken or Wraith, you can slither past Hunters right under their noses.
  • Water is paramount to survival if it’s on the map. It hides your footprints, it’s often deep enough to allow you to hide almost completely and there tends to be creatures in water that will aid you.
  • If you get cornered with a Mobile Arena, don’t panic. Try to use the terrain to block as many attacks against you as you can. Ride it out and try to escape and if you have to fight, try to still use the terrain as an obstacle between you and the Hunters.
  • When fighting other Hunters, it’s paramount you target the Medic and Daisy first. The Medic will prolong the life of the entire team while Daisy will automatically revive those that are downed. Killing both quickly, followed by Support, will cripple the unit and allow you to mop up the bodies.
  • If you take damage without armor, your health won’t regenerate. The only way it can is if you Evolve.
  • It’s key that you have armor at all times though you need to beware - having full armor makes you glow and will leave you more visible to the Hunters.
  • Try to preserve your jumps as they take time to recharge and are essential to quickly escaping. If you encounter Hunters, knowing you have 3 jumps will give you a big headstart.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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