The Division’s Falcon Lost, is the first Incursion to make it into the game. Incursions are highly difficult end game activities that are a lot like horde modes you’ll see in some other games but with some differences.

The ultimate goal of Falcon Lost is to destroy the enemy’s APC while surviving wave after wave of heavily armored and armed enemies coming at you. This is no easy task, and it’s recommended that you have a full team of agents with a gear score of at least 140. Even then there is a chance that you could be one shot, so stick to cover at all times.

To help prepare you for the challenge, we’ve put together a guide on how this particular Incursion works, and some tips that should hopefully help you make it through alive.

How it works

As mentioned before, the goal of Falcon Lost is to destroy the enemy APC (armored personnel carrier) located in the large garage like room the incursion takes place in. Unfortunately, the APC cannot be damaged with conventional weapons, and can only be destroyed by planting special explosives on the rear of the vehicle, specifically 4 explosives.

These explosives can be acquired by killing special enemies that have an orange diamond above their head. These special enemies spawn every three waves. When you kill them the explosive will drop where they fell just like a loot drop. Run over the explosive to pick it up.

Once you have the explosive you’ll have to disable the machine guns protecting the APC via the switches on either side of it. Split your team into two groups of two and head for the switches. Activate the switches and you’ll have 10 seconds where you can safely run to the APC and plant your explosive. You’ve got to move fast because if you’re still in range when they come online you are as good as dead.

During your attempts to collect and plant explosives, waves of high level enemies will be spawning from every which way attempting to thwart your efforts along with the occasional barrage of mortar fire. These guys are no joke and will one shot even the most tanky of agents if you’re not careful. And that’s pretty much the jist f the mechanics of the Falcon Lost Incursion. Some more specific tips on how to beat it are below.

  • Everybody bring a healing ability. Damage is going to be coming at you left and right. Make sure that the majority of your team (if not everyone) has a healing ability available.
  • Fight in the trenches. In the center of the room there is a trench system that has ammo crates in it. This is the best place to fight because it is protected from the enemy mortar fire and forces the enemies to file in via the stairs where you can focus fire them down quickly.
  • Stick together. You have to stick together as a team if you want to survive. Have a field medical station delayed at all times with the revive perk so that any downed teammates get back in the fight quickly.
    Sticking together also ensures that any heals and ultimate abilities get applied to your whole team.
  • Flashbangs for drones. There will be a pretty heavy drone presence in this incursion, but luckily a well placed flashbang will stun them long enough for you to take them out.
  • Focus the rushing shotgun enemies. The guys with the shotguns need to be taken out before them get close enough to do real damage. If even one shotgun guy gets amongst your team, they can do some real damage.

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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016

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