Tam-Tara Deepcroft is the second dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and is slightly harder than its predecessor, Sastasha. It’s a bit longer too, clocking in anywhere from half an hour to a full hour depending on the speed in which you can progress through. It’s a bit more linear, following only one path from start to finish with little divergence, so it’s one dungeon that you don’t specifically have to go out of your way to deal with finding loot.

The dungeon becomes available starting at level 16 and is unlocked in your story quest after you finish Sastasha, via the quest “Fire in the Gloom.” You’ll need to use the Duty Finder in order to join the dungeon.

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Captain's Key


There is nothing special in this dungeon, or at least I was capable of noticing. It’s full of a lot of undead, but if you pull in pairs that they’re supposed to come in, then it isn’t that challenging. There are some healing mobs, but they’re a bit obvious (the targeting line will be drawn from them to one of their allies) and should always be dealt with first.

There are a few mini-boss fights, but again they are rather easy. It’s generally a priest and a group of Gravedigger imps. You can just pull all of it and work on the imps first (they are rather easy) and then the Priest or the other way around if you wish. A Void Soulcounter will appear after you defeat the group, but it’s rather easy as well.

The only thing in the dungeon that will mess your group up is if the healer gets aggro too often or if the tank doesn’t handle multiple adds well. There also isn’t any rest between the first pack and the mini-boss that spawns, so you have to manage your resources really well. For me though and the group I was in, I didn’t really have any issues at all.

Cultist Rosary

The Rosary is located in one of the side rooms. You’ll pick it up as you progress through the doors.

Cultist Orbs & Barrier

As you progress through you’ll come across three groups of altars (four total, there is two in the last group). As written previously, they’re guarded by a group of Imps and a Priest, and then a mini-boss. After the mini-boss is taken down, you can destroy the orb. After all four orbs are destroyed you can move on to the final boss in the dungeon.

You do have to backtrack back to his location. If you get confused, he’s located in the Eternal Calm.

Galvanth the Dominator

Located at the end of the dungeon, this Cthulhu inspired boss doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeves at all, outside of interrupting casters and spawning up to three groups of adds at any given time. There isn’t much advice I can give for this fight, other than casters to keep their distance and be sure to drag adds to the tank so that they can peel them off of you.

There isn’t a lot to this dungeon, realistically. It’s rather easy, just a grind from the start to the finish.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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