Vehicles are by far the best way to get around in Hurtworld, but in order to get one you’ll need to scavenge parts and fuel from around the map. This is made even more difficult by the placement of these parts, which is usually in high traffic areas where other survivors will be looking for the exact same parts.

It is highly recommended that you use the buddy system when scavenging for parts/ fuel. If you have to go solo, stay hidden whenever possible, only jumping out of the shadows to snag a part before quickly heading back to cover.

Building a Car

There are several different parts you’ll need to complete your car. You’ll need a functioning engine, the car frame, a gearbox, tires, and of course fuel. Some items you’ll run across regularly (fuel and gearbox), while others will be extremely rare finds (functioning engine, tires).

The best locations to search for car parts are the “civilized” zones. These are areas with structures and human remnants laying around. The scrapyard and the small town are excellent places to look, but be wary of other survivors looking for the same thing.

If these locations you’ll occasionally find a wrecked car or quad that you can search for parts. Parts also have a chance of showing up in loot crates. Most often than not they will all contain fuel, which you should start hoarding for later use. It will likely take a lot of searching, but eventually you should be able to find all of the parts.

It’s also worth noting that car parts will respawn after a certain amount of time. If you’ve checked an area and came up empty, check back later and the parts you need may have spawned in the meantime.

Stealing a Car

If you absolutely can’t find one or more of the rarer parts like the engine or tires, there’s always the more aggressive approach of stealing it from someone else. Staling also has the added benefit of getting you all the parts in one place, no running around. Be sure and bring fuel though, as players will often empty the tank when they leave their vehicle parked.

This strategy only works if you’ve got the numbers/ strategic edge to pull it off, but stealing the parts you need from other players is a viable strategy, and one to keep in mind when you’ve finally completed your own car. Best to prepare a garage of sorts or risk all that hard work getting stolen.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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