Player vs. player combat has an interesting mechanic in Hurtworld called Infamy. Whenever a player kills another player, their infamy will rise, just like all the other statuses displays in the bottom left corner. As the player continues to kill other players, they will receive infamy points.

Normally when a player dies in Hurtworld, they keep all the gear they have equipped along with anything they have assigned to their hotbar. An infamous player however, will drop a piece of equipped/ hotbar gear when they die depending on how many infamous points they have (1 point = 1 piece, 2 = 2 pieces).

This creates an interesting scenario where players have to weigh the pros and cons of player killing. Is it worth hunting down other players for resources and making yourself a prime target in the process and possibly losing a hard earned piece of gear? You can see why the developers put this system in the game, as it discourages the killing of new players by those that are more geared.

Infamy is not permanent though, it will slowly degrade over time (usually a point every 15 minutes or so). So if you want to hunt down other players, it may be a good idea to have a base nearby where you can lay low until the infamy dies off.

Tips for Player vs. Player

  • Try to get a bow and arrow as soon as possible. It only takes one well-placed arrow to kill someone, and the bow and arrows are pretty cheap to make so there’s no excuse to not having at least the basic one. It is a huge upgrade over the spear.
  • Hunt close to home. As your infamy level rises, so will the target on your back. Protect your precious gear by hunting near one of your bases and then holding up inside to count your spoils and to wait until the infamy wears off.
  • Mind the arc. With the exception of firearms to a certain degree, Hurtworld’s more primitive weapons (spear, bow and arrow) obey the laws of gravity and will quickly drop when thrown/ fired. Aim higher the further your projectile has to go.
  • Keep important items in your hotbar or equipped. One of the nice things about Hurtworld is that you won’t lose everything when you die. Anything that you have equipped or assigned to your hotbar will remain on your person when you respawn. The exception is of course any items you lose due to infamy.
  • Target infamous players. The catch is this will cause you to become infamous yourself, but if you truly want to increase the quality and amount of goods you get from each kill infamous players should be your target. Not only will you get any goods they’ve gathered off their targets, you’ll get at least one item of gear like a weapon or armor with each kill.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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