Knowing how to raid other player’s bases effectively is a good skill to have not only because you can grab all of their resources, but because you can use this knowledge to raid proof your base when they try to come take it back. The difficult of a raid depends on three factors. How well you and your team are equipped, how well the enemy’s base is built, and how well you know the enemy base layout and strategies.

If you haven’t scouted your target beforehand, it’s well worth doing so. Maybe they tend to leave their doors open too long when coming in and out leaving you a great opportunity to save some explosives. Know your enemy and follow these tips to make your base raiding experience a successful one.

  • Look for alternate routes into the base. Doors aren’t the only ways into a base, in fact you wouldn’t believe how many players leave their bases without a roof. You can easy get into bases with no ceiling either by using nearby rocks to jump in from above, building a structure you can use to jump from, or even by building a ramp for your car to launch off of.
  • Play the stealth game. If you want to take a base while conserving ammunition you can always play the stealth game. In most cases this requires that the players whose base you’re raiding be home. Then all you have to do is silently wait outside the door for them to exit and then quickly take them out before they can close it. Of course you should only target bases that don’t use the “airlock system” which is two doors in a row that prevent this sort of attack.
  • Go for the ownership stake quickly. To prevent the enemy team from respawning indefinitely, you’ve got to get your hands on that ownership steak fast. Once you find it you can authorize yourself to the base and then deconstruct all of the walls/ structures including the stake itself.
  • Use explosives for the tough bases. Eventually you will reach a certain level where you will have the materials to make C4. This is the most powerful base raiding tool in the game as it can easy blow holes in walls and doors that are otherwise impassible. The cost of C4 is pretty steep though, so be sure the base you’re planning on raiding is worth the price.
  • Bring a team and lots of carrying capacity. There’s no point in raiding a base if you haven’t got the space to carry all the items you’re trying to steal. Make sure you at least have a backpack equipped or several teammates to help you share the load you’ll be hauling back to base.
  • Time your attack. Getting to know the play times of the players whose base you plan on raiding will allow you to plan your time of attack for the strategy that you want to use. If you’re going for a door rush, you’ll want them to be on and active. If you’re just going to blow a hole in the wall, or exploit a weakness in their structure like a hole in the ceiling you’re better off waiting for them to be logged off.
  • Show mercy (if you want). If you’re raiding for revenge this need not apply, but if you’re just going for resources consider leaving the base intact for you victim when they log back on. Bases take a lot of resources to build, and besides, by leaving them their base you’ll know where to find them next time you want someone to raid.

Defending against raids is pretty simple. Make your base a fortress with zero holes in the wall, double doors for entering/ exiting, and try to place your ownership stake deep in the center of your base. Unless the raiders have C4 you should be good (if they do have C4 there’s not a lot you can do).

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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