Your base is your most important resource in Hurtworld. It's where you go to escape the harsh environment all around you, to store all of your most valuable possessions, and where you respawn after getting killed. For these reasons and more, it’s essential that you construct your base with functionality and security in mind, or risk having it destroyed or raided by other players forcing you to start all over at square one.

While overall the base building is pretty simple when compared with other games like Ark: Survival Evolved, there are some things you should keep in mind when constructing your fortress of solitude.


Think of your base as a submarine. A sub is divided into many smaller rooms with doors that can be sealed in case of a leak. If water gets into one compartment it’s not the end of the world because they can seal it off and protect the rest of the ship.

Your base can be built the same way by having separate rooms with doors in between. The most effective use of this strategy is building what many Hurtworld players are calling an airlock. Instead of just having a single door entering into your base, you have the door to the outside pen into a small room that has another door you must open to get into the main interior of the base.

When you exit the base you enter the “airlock” through the first door, shut it, and then open the door to the outside. By using this system there will never be a direct path for raiders to enter your base while you’re coming or going.

Your Ownership steak should also have its own room deep in the center of your base. If the enemy gets to the stake it’s all over, they can add themselves to your authorized list allowing them to deconstruct your base and take everything. Make sure you keep it safe in its own room behind at least one set of doors. If the enemy does make it inside and kills you, you’ll spawn there and be able to mount an offensive.

Build a Roof

Although you can’t build an “official” roof out of anything except metal, you can use wooden floor units to construct yourself a cheap roof that will suffice until you have the required metal materials. You should always build a roof on your base especially if you are placing it near hills or cliffs that the enemy could use as a high point to jump straight into your base. Players have also been known to park cars beside bases and then use them to ladder over the walls, collecting all the loot inside.

Don’t Store Everything in One Room

This one ties in with the compartmentalizing tip. Don’t keep all of your valuable resources in one storage locker, spread them out into different lockers in different rooms with doors in between them. The most valuable stuff should be kept in the deepest recesses of your base. Stuff like wood and easier to replace goods can be kept closer to the front door for easy access.

Keep an Armory in the Ownership Steak Room

You’ve been raided and killed and now the enemy is ransacking your base and you didn’t have any weapons in your action bar when you died. No problem, grab the extra weapons and gear you had stowed in your stake room and retake your base from those no good marauders.

Exterior Fence/ Walls

If you have a lot of extra resources to spare and want to discourage raiders even more, you can consider building a secondary wall around your base to put a little more distance and another obstacle between the bad guys and you. While it won’t stop the well geared and motivated players outright, many new players won’t be able to get through it and it will prevent everyone from snooping around looking for weak spots in your main structure.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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