Earning REQ points in Halo 5 is the only “free” method of purchasing REQ packs which are needed to fill your inventory with weapons, armor, fancy skins, and boosts. There are three different versions of REQ packs available for purchase with REQ points, and several other varieties that can only be received through ranking up your Spartan, or as a special reward (IE the premium packs for ordering the deluxe edition).

REQ Pack Varieties and Cost

Bronze – 1250 REQ Points

Silver – 5000 REQ Points

Gold – 10,000 REQ Points

Spartan Rank Packs – From levelling up

Commendation Packs – From getting a certain amount of commendations

Premium Packs – Special events

As you can imagine, the higher quality packs contain more REQ cards in them. That’s not the only thing they outperform the lower packs on however, a higher quality pack will contain more items of a higher rarity than lower packs.

You should always try to save up for at least a silver pack instead of spending your money on a bronze REQ pack that contains few cards of common quality.

That being said, both silver and gold packs offer the same amount of cosmetic unlocks (armors and other noon- game changing items). If you’re primarily an Arena player and just want to unlock the cosmetic items as fast as you can, it would probably be more cost effective to stick with silver packs until you have what you want.

Gold packs will give you the best vehicles and weapons for Warzone, so if that’s your thing you’ll want to go with gold instead.

Every time you rank up with our Spartan you will receive a pack/s as a reward. To keep the free packs flowing, use an experience boost whenever you have one available. They greatly increase the rate at which you rank up, thus getting you more packs in the process.

Commendation packs are the final type of pack you’ll receive from in game activities. Like the name suggests, they are received for getting a certain amount of specific commendations (IE 50 headshots). Try to vary the type of combat you’re carrying out so that you keep progressing each commendation count, getting all the free packs you can get. Commendation packs award some of the rarest emblems in the game.

Earning REQ Points

Earning REQ points is as easy as playing the game. There’s no real “fastest” method in game to get them because they are awarded for doing just about everything in game. Of course winning is a sure-fire way to boost the REQ points you receive at the end of a match, but even with the best of team’s victory is not always a guarantee.

It’s also important to note that you receive REQ points for matches in both the Warzone and Arena playlists, so choose the one you like best.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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