Combat in Hurtworld is always going to be different. There’s different terrain to fight over, and a whole host of different weapons to use. One day you could be fighting in afield with spears, the next day you’ll be sniping at each other with rifles in a mountainous region. To come out on top you’ve got to be ready for each of these situations and familiarize yourself with each of the games very different weapons and combat styles.

After some extensive testing of our own, we’ve come up with some combat tips that we hope you will find useful in Hurtworld.

Check for Alternate Firing Modes

Some of the weapons in Hurtworld have alternate fire modes that can be activated and are useful in different scenarios. For example, by pressing R while holding a spear you will go into throwing mode. You can then throw the spear at an enemy, turning a melee weapon into a ranged one. You can even go and pick the spear back up after you’ve thrown it and use it again.

Upgraded Weapons

Don’t settle for the standard version of weapons, craft the upgraded versions for damage boosts and other perks. The spear comes in several different varieties. You can craft a sharp spear, ice spear, and molten spear. All of which will do more damage than the standard spear, both when thrown and used in melee combat.

Of course, the upgraded version of weapons cost more materials to make, but if you’re truly out to win a fight then you wont want to skimp on the weapons.

Aiming and Leading Targets

Getting the feel for a weapon will take time, and varies greatly depending on which one you’re using. The spear and bow and arrow take the most practice as you’ve really got to lead your targets and account for the arc of the projectile.

Since you can pick up and reuse your spears/ arrows, it’s worth heading out for some target practice to get the hang of it. Boars and Deer make great practice targets because they’re small and move fast.

Guns and firearms are pretty much point and shoot, so if you don’t have the ammo to spare, it’s not as big a deal to skip a little practice with them. Just remember to aim down the sights for increased accuracy.

Gear Up

While there’s no real combat armor to be found in Hurtworld, you can increase your damage resistance slightly by equipping certain clothing and gear. Clothes like the doubleshirt, boots and jeans will all increase your armor rating by a small amount. It may not be much, but any edge you can get on the competition is a good one.

This clothing is also pretty resource light, meaning you can whip it up early on for some protection during your base building phase. Just remember to take it off if you find you’re overheating during the day. All those heavy layers can heat you up quickly in the sun.

Listen for Enemy Movements

A popular strategy for base raiders is to wait quietly outside the front door of an unsuspecting victims base and then blast them as soon as they come out. Luckily your survivor makes a lot of noise when they move, allowing you to hear anyone that may be sneaking around outside your base.

If you’re the one doing the raiding, you’ll be able to hear anyone moving around inside. But be sure to minimize your sound by moving slowly and staying crouched.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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