Buffs can be dispelled, but sockets are forever. That was the line from the Valentine's Day World of Warcraft commercial that aired during the days of WoW: The Burning Crusade. Now the holiday has come back around but this time with a vengeance. No longer do you pick up chocolates from the guards or find out who's spiked the perfume. A mysterious group of Goblins called the Crown Company has taken over the holiday and the Steemwheedle Cartel is none too pleased.

Love is in the Air runs from February 10th, 2013 to February 23rd, 2013.

New! Our Lovely Charm Farming Guide is now out to fill your pockets with these delightful little charms.

What's New in 2013

Items are now ilvl 480 and the pets are available for pet battles.

What's New in 2012

There are no issues to report this year and the event remains unchanged. There is one addition, a new mount is available for 270 Love Tokens. It is the Swift Lovebird which will be obtainable if you do all of the daily quests at least seven of the fourteen days the event runs. The dungeon quest has NOT been updated this year. This means the ilvl is still 346, but the vanity items still drop, of course.

What's New in 2011 (Cataclysm Changes)

A lot of other NPCs were moved due to the Cataclysm. For instance, for Horde characters looking for Snivel Rustrocket during "A Friendly Chat..." he has been moved to beside the zepplin tower instead of on top of it and of course, the Barber Shop has been moved to a new location so he'll be at the new one instead of where the old one would have been.

The dungeon event is ONLY available now after you complete the investigation quests. The event has been updated for level 85 and now drops ilvl 346 (rare, not epic) necklaces with similar stats to the ones available in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Fistful of Love is slightly harder to complete now due to no one being in Dalaran these days. The best place to try and complete it now is either in the quest hubs in Cataclysm or in the battlegrounds.

Event Revamp Recap

In 2010 the event changed drastically from what it was in previous years. A lot of the more frustrating bits of it were removed (especially things involving RNG luck (random number generator or the chance to get an important achievement item out of a box) along with the need to talking to innkeepers/guards and was instead replaced with an entirely new event that is much easier to complete and for some, a lot more fun.

  • Guards no longer give out gifts and "Heartbroken" no longer exists.
  • Innkeepers have no role at all in the new Love is in the Air holiday.
  • You can now do four daily quests for your capital cities in addition to other daily quests once you've unlocked them.
  • Love Tokens are now used to purchase all of the goods that used to come from Pledges. You can get these from daily quests or by farming any mob for XP to make bracelets.
  • Many of the achievements have changed, but they're rewarded retroactively (so you won't lose any achievements).

Love Tokens and Charm Bracelets

How to get stuff to buy some stuff.

Love Tokens are the currency used during the holiday and are obtained through daily quests or farming enemies for Lovely Charms. They can be traded into the Lovely Merchant for holiday themed loot.

Lovely Charms

Travel to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and locate the Crown Company. They're outside of the auction house and are usually surrounded by people. Start by talking to the flying goblin and picking up a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit. This will allow you to pickup "Lovely Charms" from any enemy that would give you XP (so green or higher). It's got a random chance and the items automatically go into your inventory. Just keep it there. Once you have 10 you can turn them into a Lovely Charm Bracelet. This is the objective of the four "A Gift for the …" daily quests and can be turned directly into Love Tokens.

Daily Quests

There are a total of six daily quests (five to start, 1 you can unlock) and an additional daily quest to do the new boss fight. Not counting bracelets and awards from the dungeon daily, you can have a total of 30 tokens a day. That means you'll only need about 8 days of farming just the daily quests to get everything you'll need.

"A Gift for the …"

This quest is available in every city. It's easy as pie, make a bracelet (see the "Lovely Charms" section above) and take it to that faction leader for the city you picked the quest up in. It's probably best to take up daily quests in Northrend while you farm for the bracelets for some more cash.

"A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne"

Spray 10 people with the Crown Cologne Sprayer. Anyone without a heart above their head can be sprayed.

" Crushing the Crown"

Available once you do the quest line (see below), this quest has you go out into Crystalsong Forest and look for 5 Crown Hoodlums and blow up a Chemical Wagon with the given item. The bomb is a onetime use item, so be sure you're not in a raid while you do otherwise you'll have to go back to Stormwind/Org and pick the quest up again. If you ARE NOT level 80, the quest will change:

Lovely Merchant's Available Items

Love Token 1 Bracelets Used to buy items from the Lovely Merchant
Lovely Rose 5 Places a rose in the mouth of a male or behind the ear of a female player
Bravado Cologne 1 +75 Attack Power buff
Stalwart Cologne 1 +20 Defense Rating
Wizardry Cologne 1 +45 Spellpower
Victory Perfume 1 +75 Attack Power
Forever Perfume 1 +20 Defense Rating
Enchantress Cologne 1 +45 Spellpower
Bag of Candies 2 Has 10 charges, gives a random candy.
5 Box of Chocolates 10 Contains chocolates.
5 Handful of Rose Petals 2 Throws roses on a player.
5 Love Rockets 5 Shoots off a rocket that makes a heart shape.
5 Silver Shafted Arrows 5 Shoots a random player with a temporary pet.
Lovely Dress Box 20 A box that will give you a random lovely dress.
Dinner Suit Box 20 A box that will give you a random dinner suit.
Romantic Picnic Basket 10 Makes a picnic basket that other players can sit at.
Love Fool 10 Distracts enemies, can be /pity 'd for an achievement. See below.

Total Tokens Needed

Assuming you DO NOT use other player's items you will need about 100 tokens total, give or take a few. For everything for the holiday you'll need about 150 and that includes Perma-Peddle.

Questline Walkthrough

Head to Orgrimmar or Stormwind and look for the Steemwheelde. The first quest you will get is called "Something Stinks" which will ask you to scan 5 guards with the given item. Look for guards with a purple hue and use the item on them. When you return you'll get the quest "Pilfering Perfume." You'll then be turned into a goblin who CAN NOT STOP. Head out of the gates in either Org or Stormwind and go to the left (for both cities). There will be some weighted companion cube looking boxes and some Forsaken standing around them. Just keep moving, walk near them and get the item, then run back to the detective.

Once that is done you'll be given quests to find "Snivel Rustrocket." Alright, for Horde you're going to want to pick-up the quest "Snivel's Sweetheart" and go to Roka at Gotri's Travelling Goods in the Drag. There turn it in to her and visit the bank, the barber shop (it's in the cleft of shadow), and the auction house for "Hot On The Trail." Roka will be furious and send you to find Snivel at the zeppelin tower (in 2011 he is located outside of the tower, not on top like before). Travel there, speak with him, and it's done.

Alliance players will want to seek out Marion Sutton in the Gilded Rose (Trade District) and then visit the bank, barber shop, and the auction house for "Hot On the Trail." Again, like the Horde you'll need to go the Alliance Harbor and speak with Snivel in order to finish this questline. Return to the detective to unlock the instance daily breadcrumb and the Crushing the Crown daily.

That is it for quests for this holiday.

You've Been Served – Apothecary Hummel and the Seasonal Bosses

Apothecary Hummel, Baxter, and Frye reside within Shadowfang Keep and are awaiting your challenge. You do not need to do the questline before you can pick up this daily quest. The bosses have a very simple mechanic. Apothecary Hummel uses Alluring Perfume and does a standard melee attack (that doesn't hit for a lot). Apothecary Baxter uses Irresistible Cologne and does a standard melee attack. Apothecary Frye does nothing but throwing bottles around on the ground and hitting random people (green for Cologne, purple for Perfume).

You'll be given Perfume and Cologne Neutralizer (multi use items). Wear one of them during the fight, it'll neutralize the aura of one of the two bosses depending on which they use (Hummel/Perfume Baxter/Cologne). A tank doesn't need to be a spec'd tank, just someone who can take some hits from the bosses.

Random Crazed Apothecaries will spawn and explode doing about 3k damage to whoever is nearby, so split up.

Most of this fight is avoiding the stuff on the ground and nuking the bosses down as fast as possible. You can two man it as long as you're smart about moving and one tank keeps both bosses on them. For bigger groups, you can have one strong melee DPS like a Warrior or a Paladin hold aggro on one boss while the tank picks up the other boss. If you have a decent tank then he can use one of the neutralizers and just hold both bosses.

Make sure not to stand in clouds on the ground that you're not neutralized for.

DO NOT pull the bosses up the stairs. They will reset.

You will NOT need a quest item in 2011 because the event uses the new seasonal event system with the dungeon finder.


One of five rare ilvl 346 necklaces will drop with similar stats to the ones available last year.

Name Stats Spec
Winking Eye of Love 252 Stamina
168 Intellect
109 Spirit
113 Critical Strike Rating
Healers / Casters
Heartbreak Charm 252 Stamina
168 Intellect
109 Critical Strike Rating
114 Haste Rating
Shard of Pirouetting Happiness 168 Strength
252 Stamina
128 Dodge Rating
85 Hit Rating
Sweet Perfume Broach

168 Agility
252 Stamina
101 Critical Strike Rating
119 Haste Rating

Agility DPS
Choker of Pure Heart 168 Strength
252 Stamina
116 Hit Rating
107 Critical Strike Rating
Strength DPS


Additionally, the "Forever-Lovely Rose" is a nice looking flower for your head. Vile Fumigator's Mask is a silly mask for your face. Toxic Wasteling is a funny pet you can have. The Heartbreaker will make a person randomly weep. Finally, a rare mount has the chance to drop called the Love Rocket.


Fool for Love is the main meta achievement. You will need to complete all of the achievements below except Perma-Peddle, Tough Love, and Lovely Luck Is On your Side.

Be Mine!

You need to eat eight different candies. You can get the candies from a Bag of Candies for 2 Love Tokens.


You need to create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets which is not hard to do at all. You'll need to kill over 120 enemies, but you'll probably do that after a few daily dungeons or some light farming.

Dangerous Love

Finish the "Crushing the Crown" daily quest once to get this achievement awarded. You can see our guide above on where to go to do it.

Fistful of Love

Buy the Handful of Rose Petals and use it on the listed class/race combinations. It's best to do it in Dalaran and track the achievement so you can keep track of what you've done and what you need to do. Since Dalaran is empty now on a lot of servers, try the battlegrounds or quest hubs.

Flirt with Diaster

This one is pretty easy and very funny. Buy a stack of booze and drink until you're smashed. Then go to the Undercity, put on some Perfume, throw a Handful of Rose Petals on Jeremiah Payson the Cockroach vendor, and then /kiss him. For the Alliance you'll want to do the same, except on Sraaz the wandering pie vendor in Ironforge.

I Pitied The Fool

You'll need to buy five Love Fools and visit Wintergrasp, Arathi Basin, Naxxramas, the Gurubashi Arena (in STV), and The Culling of Stratholme with them. Place them down, select them, then type /pity. You WILL NOT have to buy them yourself if someone else has one out. You'll need to form a raid group in order to zone into Naxxramas.


Buy a box of chocolates, go to Dalaran, and sit down with a Romantic Picnic Basket with someone else (it doesn't have to be yours). When you're no longer lonely on it (when someone else sits down) you need to eat a Buttermilk Delight which comes from the box of chocolates.

Lovely Luck Is On Your Side

Buy a Lovely Dress Box and open it. If a Lovely Black Dress is inside of it then this achievement is yours. Doesn't count for the meta.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Obtain a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses from Prince Keleseth in Utgarde Keep, Prince Taldaram in Old Kingdom, or the Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone. You can do this on Normal. So if you're a level 80 with a lot of free time you can just queue into them and help some lowbies out.

Nation of Adoration

Complete all four "A Gift For The…" daily quests.


Buy Truesilver Shafted Arrow from the Lovely Merchant


Shoot 10 Silver Shafted Arrows at random players. They're bought from the Lovely Merchant

Sweet Tooth

Eat all four candies that can be found within a Box of Chocolates

The Rocket's Pink Glare

Buy 10 Love Rockets and then spam them. You need to do 10 within 20 seconds.

Tough Love

Defeat the seasonal bosses.

There is also a Feat of Strength to open the Love Rocket from the seasonal bosses, but it isn't required for the meta.

Well that's the new holiday! Happy Love is in the Air and be sure to enjoy all of the fun before it ends.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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