Now that Mists of Pandaria has been out for a while, players are running into the issue of getting enough gold to keep everything enchanted, gemmed, repaired, and still having enough left to buy some new items on the Auction House. What are the best ways that the Messiah has found to make some extra gold in MoP, find out right here.

#5 - Daily Quests

While daily quests will not make you rich, they will provide you some amount of gold each day. If you are doing daily quests for multiple different factions it is not unreasonable to do around 50 quests a day.  Each of those quests gives roughly 20 gold, so you will earn about 1,000 gold a day while earning reputation that you need anyway. While 1,000 gold will not may you a rich player, it will certainly add up over time.

Make sure you check out our Reputaion Guides for the best way to get to all the dailes. You should start with the Golden Lotus and the Klaxxi as you can get numerous quests from both of those factions as soon as you reach level 90. There is one more critical reputation to start working on, but it is listed next.

#4 - Tiller Reputation

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Make sure you visit the Tiller Vendors often as you work on your rep to keep your garden growing.

The Tillers are a new faction that you can earn reputation with in Mists of Pandaria.  To earn reputation with the Tillers you must build up your own little farm, which plays a little like Farmville.  One of the plans that you can grow is a Songbell Seed which you can harvest for a Mote of Harmony.  Collect 10 of these and you get a Spirit of Harmony.  At higher reputation levels with the Tillers you can grow multiple of these per day, enough to gate a Spirit of Harmony daily.

This is an awesome way to make some gold as long as you also have a max level profession that needs the Spirit of Harmony.  Since getting the motes is a normally pretty hard, and therefore crafters with them are in demand, this can get you a lot of gold once you get some good patterns that require them.

You can find a guide on how to earn reputation with the Tillers right here: Tiller Reputation Guide.

#3 - Farming Mats

A big thing is the requirement for mats while levelling a profession.  Many players change professions fairly often to maximize the current best bonus for raiding or PVP.  I know what a lot of you are thinking, the price of MOP mats has already tanked, there are more than what is needed on the AH and prices are low.  You would be correct. 

What I suggest you do is check for the lower or mid-tier mats that are most in demand on your server and farm them.  For example on my server right now a stack of MOP herbs is only 20-40 gold.  However, a stack of herbs from the Burning Crusade zones go for 200+ gold.  The same applies to Ore, where the Ore from the Wrath of the Lich King zones, is going for 10 times what the MOP ore is selling for.  If you are going to farm for something, check out what is in demand on your server and farm it.

#2 - Manage your Alts and Professions

A lot of time there is money to be made simply by juggling items for professions.  If you have several characters you should make sure that you maximize the professions they have and how they work together.  It is useless having two characters that do the same thing, so make sure that you do not duplicate.  Also make sure that you have at least 1 character with each of the gathering skills and at someone with  at least enchanting, jewelcrafting, inscription, and potentially alchemy, since they are the biggest money makers  at least early on.

Make sure that you buy basic mats like ore when you need gems, or herbs when you need inks, send them to your character that can prospect them or mill them down and then return them to the right character, you will save a lot of money.

Later on, when you higher-level patterns are added, then start moving into the crafting professions like blacksmithing, tailoring, and leatherworking.  While they have some nice patterns that can make you some gold right now, their time has already almost past, since they are equivalent to the LFR items and therefore falling in price drastically as more players get into LFR.

#1 - Auction House Flipping

This is a tried and true method of making a lot of gold in the World of Warcraft and continues to be a great way in Mists of Pandaria.  All you need to do is watch the Auction House for items that are selling for significantly below what they should, buy them and re-sell them for more.

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There are many great add-ons that make life simpler for players that want to play the market, like this one: Market-Watcher.

These items can be found visually by looking for items and comparing them to the price of others of the same kind, but that takes a good eye and a lot of time.  There are however several addons that can help you out with all of this, so check out Worldofaddons and Spark for some great addons to help you out.

In addition to buys and selling the same item for a profit, make sure you watch for items that can be combined or separated for a profit.  Sometimes for example for enchanting dust sells for more than the essences that it can be merged into, and sometimes the opposite is true where the essences go for more than the dust required to create them.  While you will likely not get rich on these mark-ups, you will make gold over time if you play these items.

There are many more complicated conversions that can be done as well.  An example of a great conversion is one that can be done by alchemists, and is creating Trillium bars.  The conversion is simple as it transmutes ghost ore bars to trillium bars and on many servers can double your gold quickly.

#1b - Darkmoon Faire Cards

Every expansion brings the potential for huge profit with the new Darkmoon Fair decks.  The best way to make huge amounts of gold off of them is to of course be an inscriptionest and create them yourself.   Buying stacks of herbs and making stacks of cards a week or so before a Faire is your best bet, as the prices skyrocket around the days where you can actually turn them in, so be stocked up for then to sell them, or turn in the decks and sell the decks.

Even for players that do not have Inscription as a profession can still make a lot of money.  Watch the Auction House and pick up cards or decks that are underpriced mid-month and then turn them around for big profits when the Faire comes around.  On some servers the prices literally double for cards while the Faire is active.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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