Orc Beginner Friendly Build Order

This build is as close as I can get to giving you something that works against all matchups.   Enjoy!

Here is the build order:

  • 1 Peon drops an Altar and the other 4 go to Gold.
  • Queue up 2 more Peons. (Keep them coming as one pops start another until you have 13-15)
  • 1st Peon to pop drops a Burrow. 
  • 2nd Peon to pop drops a Barracks.  (Wall off with these if possible)
  • 3rd Peon to pop goes to the Gold Mine.
  • When the Altar is complete train a Hero (Farseer is good with this build)
  • At 40 wood build another Burrow. 
  • Train a Grunt (you may need to pause Peon training to this mark) You should be at 16/20 food. 
  • Build Voodoo Lounge
  • Train 2nd Grunt
  • Tech Up to Tier 2
  • Train 2 more Grunts (4 total now)
  • Build 3rd Burrow
  • When Tier 2 is completed train a Hero (Shadowhunter goes will with the Farseer)
  • Build Tauren Totem
  • Build Bestiary
  • Train 1 Raider
  • Train 1 Spirit Walker
  • Build 4th Burrow
  • Train 2nd Raider
  • Build War Mill
  • Train 2nd Spirit Walker
  • Train 1st Kodo
  • Build 5th Burrow.

Upgrade throughout as you see fit or is needed.  Ensnare and Spirit Walker Adept Training are important to have.  

Attacking at 50 food is the norm here, but you are open to take a number of paths.  You can tech up or expand if you feel it is appropriate.   This build is meant to give you a solid foundation against any opponent.   Reacting to their strategy is what will take you to victory. 

That's it!  Practice, practice, practice, until this build becomes second nature to you.  

NOTE: This isn't the most efficient build against any race, but it will get you started and give you the comfort level to experiment and try specific builds vs specific opponents. 

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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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