Warcraft 3 Reforged: Economy Guide The player who macros the best has an advantage in Warcraft 3 Reforged. Your economy is incredibly important. If your economy is bottlenecked by population or acquisition limits then you will be at a disadvantage.   


  • The amount of gold that you extract translates directly into how many units you can build. Bigger armies don't always win, but against a player of equal skill, they are a very large advantage.  
  • Never let your gold mine run out without another mine on the go.  Any point where you are not extracting gold is a position where your opponent(s) can grow and you cannot.   
  • Night Elves gold extraction is optimal with 5 wisps in the mine.   Likewise, Undead gold extraction is optimal with 5 acolytes in the mine.  These races extract the gold without "carrying" it to their Town Hall.   
  • Orcs and Humans are optimal with 5 workers in the mine with the exception being if the mine is a long distance from the Town Hall.
  • Setting the mine as the Rally Point will send workers directly into the mine.   


The amount of Lumber that you require is almost all far less than the gold that you need. Most builds require far fewer workers on Lumber than on Gold.   Watch your inventory and if it constantly growing you may want to pull a worker off of Lumber.    Occasionally you will have an opportunity to purchase a Goblin Shredder.  This unit can harvest Lumber far faster than workers freeing up population space for more combat units. 

Setting a tree as the Rally Point will send workers directly to harvest lumber. 

Spend Your Resources

There is no reason to save up resources unless you are saving enough to get an upgrade or build an expensive unit.   Spend your resources as you get them.   A perfect economy brings in resources "just in time" to build whatever it is that you want to build next.   Good build orders create this "Just in time" scenario. 

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Last Updated: Jan 13, 2020

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