Orc Fast Shop Build Order

This build offers fast tech and early harass for Orc players who like to keep their opponent occupied early.   It is weak to early rushes. 

Here is the build order:

  • Queue up a Peon. 
  • Send 4 Peons to the Gold Mine.
  • Drop an Altar with your other Peon.
  • Just before your Peon pops grab one from the Gold Mine and build a Burrow.
  • Ensure that you block off one side of your base with Altar and Burrow. 
  • The next Peon that pops will drop a Barracks. Queue up 3 Peons. Rally them to Lumber.
  • The second Peon that Pops will build a Voodoo Lounge. 
  • When the Altar is complete, choose your Hero.  Blademaster is an excellent choice for beginners.
  • Use the Peon that built the Altar to scout. 
  • Drop a Barracks.
  • When your Hero pops, go to the Shop, buy items and start your harass. 
    • Alternatively, you can forego Harass and creep.
  • When your Barracks completes, build a Grunt. 
  • Save lumber until you can Tech up. (Upgrade your Great Hall)
  • You have a quick tech start to the game, but you are vulnerable to early pressure.   

That's it!  Practice, practice, practice, until this build becomes second nature to you.  

The video below is Rezzel using this build and explaining it as he goes.   Worth watching if you are confused by the build order above. 


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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2020

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