A lot of questions in the early access involve your the Imperial Edition goodies. It’s not perfectly clear how to obtain all of your items, but hopefully we can shed some light on how to collect your vast fortune of goodies you got for pledging additional $20 to the The Elder Scrolls Online cause.

Contents of the Digital Imperial Edition

The Imperial Edition contains the following additional items:

  • Ability to play as an Imperial
  • The Imperial White Horse (available starting at level 1)
  • Mudcrab Vanity Pet
  • Rings of Mara which grant XP bonus when playing with a friend who you used them on.
  • Ability to turn armor into “Imperial Armor” (unique armor skin)

Contents of the Digital Pre-Purchase Pack

  • 5 Days Early Access
  • Explorer’s Pack Contents (Ability to Play any Race with Any faction, Treasure Maps, and Scuttler Vanity Pet)

Imperial White Horse Location

The Imperial White Horse is located in any stable and purchasable for 1 gold at any level. Other horses cost 17,200 gold, but the Imperial White Horse is available directly from the start.

Mudcrab Vanity Pet

It’s located in the mail, press alt to bring up the menu and then press the mail tab. You can alternatively press “’” to bring up the mail anywhere. You do not have to find a mailbox.

Rings of Mara

They too are located in your mail, but are a one character one time use item only. If you want it on another character, you’ll need to put it in your shared bank.

Imperial Armor

This isn’t a specific set of gear that you get, nay, it’s a style. You can automatically craft gear into this specific look or turn gear you already own into “Imperial Armor” to get the style. Simply right click any item and choose “Convert to Imperial Style.”

Imperial style clothing isn’t limited to Imperial Edition players, it can be discovered out in the world, but it’s much easier to craft in that style with the Imperial Edition.

Explorer’s Pack Bonuses

These will be in your mail.

The Explorer’s Pack doesn’t seem to be retailer restricted.

The racial unlock is an automatic thing.

Early Access Restrictions

This is specifically relating only to before the actual launch of the game. Anyone who purchased the game directly from Zenimax has 5 days of early access. The Imperial Edition from any retailer comes with 5 days of early access. Regular edition is 3 days from alternative retailers.

Collector’s Edition (aka Physical Imperial Edition) Exclusives

TESO’s Physical Collector’s Edition only contains exclusive physical items. It has a map, an art book, and a statue of Molag Bal. It is currently sold out most everywhere.

Obtaining TESO / Elder Scrolls Online for the Cheapest

If you don’t have all of these bonuses, fret not! There have been a few sales on TESO so far, mostly from greenmangaming. Amazon has also run a promotion to give a 5% video game credit. However, if you’re not buying the Imperial Edition, you will not get the 5 days head start unless you purchase directly from Zenimax.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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