Two 2 Barracks Orc Cheese Build Order

The cheese is strong in this one.  Not only do you rush your opponent, but you hide your buildings.  Ridiculously fun for you.  Annoying to your opponent

Here is the build order:

  • 1 Peon drops an Altar and the other 4 go to Gold.
  • Queue 2 Peons (You want 11 total)
  • 1st Peon to pop builds a Burrow
  • 2nd Peon to pop goes to Gold.
  • Rally the next Peons all to Wood.
  • When the Altar is complete train a Farseer
  • Build War Mill
  • Send 2 Peons out to build Barracks hidden on the map (as close to your enemy as possible)
  • Build 2nd Burrow
  • When Farseer pops, take Feral Spirit and harass to keep the opponent from expanding and searching the map. 
  • Build 2 Headhunters, but keep them hidden
  • Continue to make Headhunters
  • Build 3rd Burrow
  • Build Voodoo Shop hidden with your Barracks. 
  • Get attack upgrades (important)
  • Keep building Headhunters
  • Rush!!!!  This is all or nothing.   You've got this!

This is a really fun cheese to attempt.   Works best against Night Elves, but effective against any race if you can harass well with your Farseer.   Enjoy!

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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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