Warcraft 3 Reforged: Human Beginner Build

This Warcraft 3 build works in all match-ups though it works best against Undead and Night Elves.

  • Train 2 Peasants
  • Send 4 Peasants to Gold
  • Remaining Peasant build an Altar.
  • You want to build 8 Peasants in total.  Queue them as gold permits. 
  • 1st Peasant to pop builds a Barracks.
  • 2nd Peasant to pop builds a Farm then goes to Wood.
  • 3rd Peasant to pop builds another Farm then goes to Wood.
  • 4th Peasant goes to Gold.
  • When the Altar is complete build an Archmage.
  • Send the remaining Peasants that pop to Wood.
  • When the Barracks finishes train a Footman.
  • Build a Scout Tower.
  • Build a 2nd Footman.  
  • Build 3rd Farm. 
  • Upgrade Scout Tower to Arcane Tower. 
  • Build 3 more Footmen.
  • Start creeping (Archmage + 1 Footman + 4 Militia)
  • Build 1 more Footman - keep creeping.
  • Tech Up (Upgrade Town Hall)
  • Build Blacksmith
  • Build 1 Footman
  • Build Arcane Vault.
  • Research "Defend" on your Footmen. (If you are against ranged enemies)
  • Build 2 more Farms.
  • Build 2 Riflemen.
  • When your Town Hall upgrade completes build Mountain King at the Altar. 
  • Build Arcane Sanctum
  • Build 6th Farm.
  • Research Long Rifles for Riflemen.
  • Build Lumber Mill.
  • Build Riflemen and Priests
  • You have a safe starting point with a build that is very flexible.

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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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