Human Bloodmage Fast Expansion Build Order

Bloodmage is an unusual first choice as a Hero but has its advantages. 

This build is excellent against Orcs, especially when they go Blademaster.  Take Banish and Siphon on the Bloodmage.   Likewise, it works well against any Hero with Intellect as their primary stat. 

Alternatively, Flamestrike is excellent against any opponent with weak units like Night Elves and Human (especially if they go Archmage)

This is a very challenging build to play, but very enjoyable if you get the hang of it. 

Human Bloodmage Fast Expansion Build Order

  • Send 4 Peasants to Gold.
  • Remaining Peasant builds and Altar.
  • Train Peasants (You will eventually want to get to 15 or 16)
  • 1st Peasant to pop drops a Farm framework and then builds a Barracks
  • 2nd Peasant to pop completes the Farm.
  • 3rd Peasant to pop builds a 2nd Farm.
  • 4th Peasant to pop goes to Gold.
  • When the Altar is complete train a Bloodmage.
  • Rally the rest of the Peasants that you build to Wood.
  • Train a Footman
  • Build a 3rd Farm
  • Train a 2nd Footman
  • When Bloodmage pops, take 4 Militia and creep.  
  • Train 3rd Footman.
  • Train 4th Footman.
  • Build 4th Farm.
  • Expand (use Militia)

In a perfect world, you want to creep Mercenary camps where you can buy Troll Priests.   

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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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