Human Building, Creeping and Expanding Guide

This guide covers Human Building, Creeping, and Expanding.  It's a quick, concise way to learn to play Humans in Warcraft 3 Reforged.

This guide is for solo players.  

Building your base is important not only from a build order point of view but from a base layout point of view.  These tips will help you on every map, but you still need to adapt to both your opponent and the map that you are playing on. 

Human Building Guide

  • Your Altar is almost always built first. 
  • Build your Altar beside your main in the location closest to your first expansion spot. 
  • To place it properly you must leave enough room between the Altar and your main for a Farm. 
  • When you place your Farm you will create a "wall" (Main + Farm + Altar) that keeps opponents from rushing your Peasants. 
  • Your Barracks and other buildings form the wall on the other side of your main. 

Short story: Build a wall out of your buildings to block opponents from rushing your Peasants. 

  • A "scout" farm is a great too to either a) spot or b) slow down your opponent if they harass you. 
  • Place the scout farm at one of the entrances to your base to act as an early warning system. 

Short story: A "Scout" Farm may seem like a waste of resources, but it always pays for itself. 

Human Creeping Guide

  • Grab 4 Peasants in a control group.
  • Call them to Militia - click the Bell
  • Group your Hero + Footman(2)
  • Tank the creeps with your Elemental (If you chose Archmage)
  • Let your Militia and Footman tank the extra mobs while your Hero kills the mob that your Elemental Tanks.  
  • Focus as many units on a single mob as possible. 
  • Pick up items during the fight if possible.   
  • Take as little damage to your units as possible.  Your Elemental should have taken the damage.  
  • Micro your units back from battle (and then back in) if they are taking damage. 
  • Keep building units at home. 
  • Prioritize Green, then Orange, then Red creeps.  
  • These are easiest to hardest and provide the most experience for the effort in most cases. 
  • NOTE: creeping is different on every map.  Play them all vs the Computer to see what works best for you. 
  • Practice, practice, practice. 

Human Expansion Guide

  • Build your expansion at the closest Gold Mine.
  • Place your 2nd Town Hall on the side of the expansion closest to your main.
  • Place it in a position, next to trees usually where it is safest from harass. 
  • This keeps you as safe as possible. 
  • You normally should defend this expansion with at least 1 Arcane Tower. 
  • NOTE: expanding is different on every map.  Play them all vs the Computer to see what works best for you. 

Shae Smith has a great video up showing the different maps, how to build, how to expand and how to creep.   This video is meant for beginners.  He does an excellent job explaining everything by restarting and showing you over and over how to play the game.  

This video is very long, but it's the worth watching even if you break it into smaller parts to learn at your own pace. 

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020

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