Human Fast Altar Build Order

This build is meant to help Human players deal with harass on maps where their opponent's early rush is difficult to defend. 

Here is the build order:

  • Queue up a Peasant (keep building them as you go, you will need to build 8 of them.)
  • 2 Peasants go to the Gold Mine
  • 2 Peasants build an Altar
  • The remaining Peasant builds a Farm.
  • When the Altar is complete the 2 Peasants go directly to Lumber.  Queue up your Hero. 
  • When the Farm is complete the Peasant goes to the Gold Mine.
  • The first 2 Peasants that pop will go to the Gold Mine. 
  • The 3rd Peasant to pop will drop a Barracks.
  • The 4th Peasant to pop will build a Farm.
  • The 5th Peasant to pop will help speed build the Barracks. 
  • Build your 3rd Farm.
  • When your Hero Pops militia creep with 5-7 Peasants.  Archmage is excellent in this role as the Water Elemental will tank.
  • When your Barracks is complete queue up a Footman.
  • Try to micro your injured Peasants back from the fight to avoid losing many or any at all. 
  • Play out the rest of the game as you normally would.   
  • You have a fantastic, safe starting build, but you lack Tech or an expansion.  

That's it!  Practice, practice, practice, until this build becomes second nature to you.  

The video below is Rezzel using this build and explaining it as he goes.   Worth watching if you are confused by the build order above. 


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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020

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