Human Shop Tech Build Order

The one-base build order offers Warcraft 3 Reforged players a safe, tech and item focused build. 

Here is the build order:

  • Queue up a Peasant (keep building them as you go, you will need to build 9 of them.)
  • 4 Peasants go to the Gole Mine
  • The 5th Peasant drops an Altar
  • The 1st Peasant to pop will build a farm.
  • The next Peasant that pops will go to the Gold Mine.
  • Send all of the rest of your Peasants to Lumber.  You can rally them to a tree to make this easy. 
  • When the Farm completes take that Peasant and build your Shop.
  • When the Altar is complete, use that Peasant to build a Farm. 
  • Queue up your Hero at the Altar.  Archmage is a good choice for beginners. 
  • When your Hero pops, you will "Milita Creep" a camp.  
    • Bring 5 Peasants close to your Town Hall and Click the "Bell" Icon.  They will now still have low hitpoints, but will hit much harder.  Send them off with your Hero.   
    • If you chose the Archmage ensure that your Water Elemental does most of the tanking.  You don't want to lose Peasants. 
  • Once you have enough wood to upgrade your Town Hall do so immediately. 
  • At this point ensure that you are building enough farms to stay ahead of your population cap. 
  • Creep with your Hero to attain Level 2.
  • Harass the enemy with your Hero, poking at them to buy time to Tech up. 
  • Play safe.  Your goal is to keep them worried about your harass and not attacking your weakly defended base. 
  • Once your Town Hall upgrade (Tech) is complete queue up a 2nd Hero. 
  • Build 3 Sanctums. 
    • You should have 3 Peasants building each Sanctum to speed up the build. 
  • You have a fantastic, safe starting build with a shop giving you an advantage over most opponents. 

That's it!  Practice, practice, practice, until this build becomes second nature to you.  

The video below is Rezzel using this build and explaining it as he goes.   Worth watching if you are confused by the build order above. 


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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020

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