Warcraft 3 Reforged: Night Elf Hunt Tech Build Orders

This build order gives you great mobility and the ability to harass your opponent early.  It is tough to creep with this build and doesn't work well on some maps. 

Here is the build order:

  • Queue up a Wisp.
  • Drop an Altar.
  • Put the remaining Wisps on Gold.
  • When your 1st Wisp pops build a Moonwell.
  • Queue up Wisps.  You will want 7 more. 
  • Fill the spots in your gold mine as the Wisps pop and then send them to wood.
  • When your Altar is completed choose your Hero.
  • Scout with the Wisp that build the Altar.
  • When you have 160 wood build a Huntress Hall.
  • Build an Ancient of War.
  • When you have 40 wood build a Moonwell.
  • When your Hero is completed harass your enemy.
  • At 180 Wood Tech Up (Upgrade your main)
  • Queue up Huntresses
  • You can play this build out from here as needed. 
  • You have a very simple starting build that has great harass, but is weak at creeping and is map dependent 

That's it!  Practice, practice, practice, until this build becomes second nature to you.  

The video below is Rezzel using this build and explaining it as he goes.   Worth watching if you are confused by the build order above. 


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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020

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