The rare ores in Hurtworld are Titranium, Ultranium, and Mondinium are some of the scarcest and hardest to acquire resources in the game. They are also very important for crafting end game equipment and weapons, so knowing how and where to get your hands on them is essential if you truly want to get the most out of your survivor and base.

Unfortunately they are all located in different biomes, so you’ll need to do some trekking around the map. Ideally you would have a vehicle to make the trip faster, but if you don’t, you may want to consider constructing a small base in each biome so you have a safe spot to go to when you’re out mining.

Small amounts of all three ores can be extracted from the large grey rocks in the desert biome (only using explosives), but you can’t gather it as fast as you could if you focus on one ore at a time. As you gather more and more rare ore, you will want to upgrade your pickaxe to one of the rare ore varieties to increase your mining time as well as your yield.


This ore is probably the first of the rare ores you’ll run across, and it can be found near the dome you encounter when following the road inland from the starter area. You can also find it in almost every other biome except the Farlands.


This toxic green ore will poison you when you mine it so be sure and work quickly. You can find it in the red desert area (Red Rock), and in smaller quantities in other areas of the map.

You’ll want to gather some sunscreen when farming Mondinum, because of the high heat levels in the Red Rock area.


The rarest of the ores. You’ll need to travel into the dangerous snow biome to gather this one. Keep an eye out for Yetis and always have enough materials with you to throw down a fire when you start freezing to death.


When you’ve collected enough of each ore, you should consider investing in a drill. Drills will farm every type of ore passively for you no matter which biome you set them up in. Of course this could be changed by the developers (and is probably going to be), but for now it’s a huge time and effort saver and can allow you to amass large amounts of ore that you can then use to build more drills.

Just be sure and guard them adequately. Drills are a high vale target, and most other players will go to great lengths to get their hands on one.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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