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Many players ponder, "Just what instances should I run on the way to
sixty?" That's a very valid question, and one that we have answered in
our latest World of Warcraft guide. We give you the information you
need so that you know exactly what instances you should run and which
ones you might want to skip, saving you time and helping you get to the
highest level as fast as possible. So don't suffer running instances
you don't need to and get to our latest guide, Instance Progression in
World of Warcraft.

are only a few instances that you should run without a question of a
doubt. Deadmines for the Alliance and Shadowfang Keep for the Horde are
good instances for anyone. They're short, easy, and jam packed with
great loot. A group of low levels can easily plow through both
instances without trouble and a high level player can get the instance
done quickly.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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