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Deconstructor is a mechanical construct built and engineered by
Mimiron to guard the Scrapyard area of Ulduar. He considers himself to
be Mimirons’ son and behaves like a little boy (a little boy
who loves calisthenics at least)

style="font-weight: bold;">Health

10 Player – 5 Million

25 Player – 22.5 Million

style="font-weight: bold;">Abilities

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A debuff that after 9
seconds pulls all players within a 12 yard
radius of the player into the gravity hole and deals damage to them.

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A debuff that
does 2750/3500 AOE damage.

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A raid wide ability
that deals damage equal to 10% of
each player's maximum health every second for eight seconds. Nearby
enemies will become dazed until it ends.

10 Minutes.



The Deconstructor is the first “gear check” of
Ulduar, but it isn’t the last and it certainly is not the
most difficult. The fight begins when you choose to engage the boss. He
can be misdirected or the tank can simply run up and slap
him.  This is a two phase fight that requires an off tank for
adds that spawn from the junk piles around the room.  During
phase one the fight is a pretty straight forward tank and spank.

All members of the raid will need to be aware of the debuffs of light
bomb and gravity bomb if they are afflicted.  Set up a spot
for each member with the debuffs to run to until they expire. A typical
solution is to have those afflicted with one run to one scrap pile and
the other to run to the opposite side, making sure to stay within
healing range but just out of range to harm other players Every minute
he will use his Tympanic Tantrum and cause 80% damage to the raid, so
healers need to be on the ball. This will also slow the raid by 40%.
The timer for the tantrum is reset by the exposing of the
heart.  Maximizing your raid's DPS will also minimize the
number of tantrums to be dealt with. Every 25% the Deconstructors heart
is exposed. At this time he does no damage and all damage done to the
heart is doubled to him when he retrieves it. The heart has 7
million/1.5 million HPs in heroic and regular modes
respectively. While the heart is active adds will spawn, there are
three types of adds that need to be dealt with.

[protip] Tanking Deconstructor at one of the side walls as opposed to
infront of the stairs will turn off the two scrap piles he is between
and reduce the number of adds by half and increase the range they must
travel to reach you![/protip]

XS-013 Scrapbot: 
These heal Deconstructor for 60,000 each if
they are allowed to reach him. – They should be killed by
ranged AOE DPS, they are not immune to snares/slows/roots.

XE-321 Boombot: 
These will explode for approximately 16,000
fire damage when their health reaches 50%. – These should be
single target nuked right away and not allowed to ever get into range.

XM-024 Pummeler: 
These are low on damage but high on
HPs – Your off tank should gather these up and
hold on to them, DPS should essentially ignore them.

While ranged DPS is focusing on the adds, melee should be pummeling the
heart. Once ranged has cleared out the adds its back onto the
heart.  Burn your cooldowns on the first heart and save
Bloodlust/Heroism for the third heart. Once the heart is retrieved by
Deconstructor it is back to phase one. This cycle will repeat every
25%. Most high DPS groups, who are not trying for hard mode, will be
able to
get the first 25% under one minute and the damage done to the heart
will make each successive transition easier. You may even find
yourselves going from 75% to 50% almost as soon as the heart is
retrieved and the same phenomenon from 50% to 25% as well as the final
transition. This method makes for a fast kill but can make it harder on
your off tank and add control DPS.

XT-002 Deconstructor is a challenging and fun fight to learn that will
quickly become one of the easier encounters for your party.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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