While not a series known for playing around with it's game modes all that often, Halo 5 will be getting at least 1 new way to slay enemy spartans with the addition of it's new Warzone game mode. The mode is for those who want big team confrontations over massive maps. 

Each match will pit 12 players against another 12 players and require them to either score 1000VP or destroy the other team's base (the core) before they destroy yours. The bases add an interesting dynamic that's reminiscent of capture the flag, in that both teams will have to try and balance offense with defense. Of course the victory points are there likely to ensure that a winner can still be chosen if both side decide turtling is for them.

The mode also adds some aspects from Moba titles, as the map does contain AI units and a levelling/ requisition system that players can use to unlock and equip more powerful gear and weapons. Boss AI characters are also scattered around the map and will take several players to kill. If you do manage to take them down, they offer up a healthy amount of victory points towards your overall win.

Halo 5 release next month October 27th for the Xbox One.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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