The aptly named Cartographer's Gift update for Halo 5 is now available free of charge to anyone who owns the game. The update adds some much anticipated features, the center of which is the forge mode that was suspiciously lacking come launch day. The new forge mode has all the features of previous iterations along with some new sharing options that should make getting your maps to the public a lot easier.

Other bullet points of the update include the return of the SPNKR rocket launcher. The iconic twin barrel harbinger of explosive doom has made an appearance in every Halo game since the beginning so it's nice to see it back in action. There are also several new arena maps and an all new warzone maps for players to test out their SPNKR skills on.

To download the update, all you've got to do is fire up your Xbox and try to launch the game. You'll then be prompted to download the update, which may take a little while depending on your connection speed.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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