In an impromptu Q & A on Twitter, 343's Josh Holmes answered some questions the community had about the rapidly approaching Halo 5. In the exchange Holmes calmed nerves of players worrying about new content by revealing that the game will be kept updated with new maps, weapons, and cosmetic items well into the first year.

we’ll have new maps, modes, hundreds of new REQs and more

When asked about what happens when a player reaches the level cap his response was:

You will continue earning REQ points for playing MP and can redeem them for REQ packs.

A good answer for those afraid that reaching the cap would essentially "cap" the rewards they could get.

Finally the talk wrapped up with the biggest question, whether or not the game would have some cort of cloud support involved, which as it turns out it will, specifically for Co-op games and multiplayer. More details are set to be released closer to the games arrival date of October 27th.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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